Hi. I’m Kay.

The ActiveCampaign queen helping businesses get more juice out of ActiveCampaign.

And I’m going to level with you – this isn’t the career I had in mind when I left school. But there is literally nothing else I’d rather be working on.
To help convince you that I am one of the world’s most experienced ActiveCampaign consultants, and an excellent imparter of knowledge, please come with me on a rapid review of my life so far (I promise, it’s just the edited highlights and will take just a few moments).

The Edited Highlights

I live in Cornwall, just 12 miles from where I grew up (I did leave for a bit, but this place is addictive).

I loved the county already (beaches, sea, language and culture), but when they installed SuperFast Broadband I was smitten forever.

I trained and qualified to be a maths teacher.

I loved teaching complicated concepts, figuring out the best way to explain something, and seeing that moment of joyful understanding sweep across a learner’s face.

But, it turns out that I didn’t love teaching large groups of teens…..and they apparently weren’t that fond of me either.

So I turned my attention to adult learners, working with the NHS and the Open University (and some other places that are less impressive and so don’t get a mention).

I realised that teaching people who had chosen to learn the subject you were teaching was a lot more rewarding.

I had children, and ran into some health issues, so I took some time out of work.

And then one day a friend introduced me to ActiveCampaign – a system she was using as part of her marketing – because she knew it would appeal to my systems-loving, efficiency-craving, analytical mind.

I was hooked and went on to become a Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant, their User Advocate for the UK, and an official moderator in their online community of over 10,000 members.


Now I’m empowering small businesses to make the most of their ActiveCampaign accounts so they can have happier customers, more sales, and great email engagement.

By working with 1-1 clients, successfully integrating ActiveCampaign into their digital marketing strategies and tech eco-systems, I’ve honed my skills on the platform, and my ability to use the automation system to make more sales, deliver a better customer experience, and improve email engagement.

I love ActiveCampaign, but their online training and support on its own will not help you maximise the benefit of your account. Which is why I’ve created my own ActiveCampaign training courses.

Remember when you bought your first car? The dealer/seller would’ve given you a guided tour of what the buttons do, and handed over a manual, but they didn’t show you how to actually drive it. They certainly didn’t give you a demo of parallel parking, U-turns, handbrake turns and other cool things you can make your car do (OK, not the handbrake turns, you should not be doing those on a public road).

And they certainly didn’t give you any advice on how to avoid the many, many mistakes with a car that can land you in trouble.

That’s exactly how it is with ActiveCampaign. They’ll give you some instruction on how to interact with the platform, and show you a tour of the features. But they don’t show you the many possibilities those features unlock for your business, or how to easily avoid small mistakes that can cause you big trouble later.

  • NNot unlocking the full potential of the platform.
  • NFretting over deliverability and not knowing they have control over that.
  • NGazing at the cool wizardry some email marketers are doing, and not realising they could perform the same magic if only they knew how.
  • NFalling into the same hidden bear-traps, mistakes, bad habits, and easy-to-fall-into bad practice ways of working with ActiveCampaign.
  • NGetting stuck in the same places when trying to get the same repetitive, routine things automated with ActiveCampaign.


…because I love ActiveCampaign, and I love small businesses, and I especially love the small businesses who have chosen ActiveCampaign as their email marketing automation platform.

But happily I know the answers...

I rolled them all up into this Accelerated ActiveCampaign training, and added in a whole lot of “prevention is easier than cure” best practice guidance.


If you’re a small business using ActiveCampaign to connect with, and sell to, your email subscribers, and automate your business, then I can help you enjoy happier customers, more sales and better engagement with my suite of implementation-focussed online ActiveCampaign training.

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