Not so very long ago, I stepped into the world of digital automation, and took to it like a duck to water. I really wasn’t looking for it at all, but it found me anyway, and that makes me very happy.



Two threads run through everything I have ever worked at. They are always there for me, built in and hard-wired.

The teaching thing

Whether it is maths as a secondary school teacher, history of IT as an Open University lecturer, e-learning as an NHS project manager, acapella singing as a community choir leader, teaching facebook ads as a tutor for The Design Space, or showing you how to use your fancy new tech right here right now,

It’s always about unlocking the cool stuff for other people to play with and enjoy.

The efficiency thing

That person who notices when things are being done the hard, slow or annoying way – that’s me. I’ve always been the one figuring out how to get it done faster better stronger, and building something to make it happen.

I am endlessly and possibly annoyingly curious about how to make it easier to get the dull but necessary stuff out of the way. Comes in super handy though!


figuring out a tech puzzle

I LOVE the beach

and cornish beaches are the best

I can lead a choir

singing dubstep on a steam train

My dodgy hip joints

Come from my dad – thanks dad!

“I’m pretty much obsessed with doing things the easy way.”

kay peacey

Life can be hard

It gets tough sometimes, trying to have a good life, let alone to run a business too.

I’ve had some challenges along the way, and it’s true, I’m stronger for living through them.

Whatever our life landscape, we each have the capacity to grow, to learn, to live well.

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