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Attention ActiveCampaign users

Do you want to release the full potential of this powerful email marketing system,
with my FREE training: Accelerated ActiveCampaign?

Even better, you don’t need to upgrade your account to do it.

Are you torn between excitement over what your business might achieve with the help of ActiveCampaign, whilst being frustrated that you don’t know where to start and slightly scared you’re going to make a massive mess of it? Or maybe you already have made a start and (I promise there’s no judgement here) you’ve got in a muddle? Over the last 3 years I’ve answered thousands of questions about ActiveCampaign (I’m their UK User Advocate and a moderator in the AC official community).
Here’s how I’ve already helped thousands of ActiveCampaign users

I’m Kay, by the way.

🙏 Thanks a million for your Accelerated ActiveCampaign free mini-course. It’s taken away a lot of stress and it’s super easy to learn from.
I’ve helped ActiveCampaign users who were:
  • NStuck on automations
  • NConfused about segments
  • NUnsure how to deliver their lead magnet
  • NIn a pickle over forms and tags
  • NAccidentally sending out the wrong things to the wrong people
You get the idea (the list would be enormous if I wrote it all out). When you use ActiveCampaign right, you look like a magician to your customers. But so many businesses are only using it in a very limited way, or have created a tangled web of ActiveCampaign automations and tags and they’re not sure who’s getting what, when or why. This course is everything you need to get your relationship with ActiveCampaign off to the best possible start (or recover it if your love is already on the rocks). You’ll learn to do basic but brilliant things in ActiveCampaign AND how to avoid the most common crisis-causing mistakes.
🙏 Thanks a million for your Accelerated ActiveCampaign free mini-course. It’s taken away a lot of stress and it’s super easy to learn from.

How does this free course work?

The course is designed for you to spend 30 minutes per day, for 10 days (so it’ll conveniently run alongside your ActiveCampaign trial, if that’s where you’re at). Or you’re welcome to binge-watch if that’s your preferred learning style.

Through my bite-size ActiveCampaign video tutorials (each video is just a few minutes long), I’ll show you:


  • NSet up your ActiveCampaign Account, Lists and Advanced Settings so you’re ready to press send on your first email.
  • NManage your contacts, including manual-adds, adapting the contact view to suit your business, and how to import multiple contacts at once.
  • NCreate three different custom field types.
  • NUse ActiveCampaign forms so people can add themselves to your contacts list.
  • NConnect ActiveCampaign to your website so you can monitor how subscribers are engaging with your website as a result of your emails.
  • NCreate segments and know when and how to use them.
  • NCustomise your Unsubscribe and Update Preferences forms and processes.
  • NCreate an automation to send a welcome email when a new subscriber completes a form.
  • NDecide whether you need to upgrade to the Plus Plan features (or downgrade and save your pennies if you already have it but don’t need it).


  • NDesign emails using templates already inside ActiveCampaign, plus quickly import and customise my own email template that I’ve shared for you.
  • NRecord when your subscribers last opened an email. (This one’s really important and you’ll thank me later, I promise).
  • NSend a campaign email, including choosing your contacts, email design and how to review opens and clicks.
  • NFire off a quick-reply to a single subscriber using saved responses (extremely helpful when you get asked the same question over and over - big time-saver that hardly anyone finds or uses).
  • NReview email performance data to help you understand your contacts better and what your emails are achieving.
  • NInclude Goals in an automation so you can adjust what emails a subscriber receives depending on actions they take (and get an idea of the superpowers of Goals).
  • NUse the info from a contact to pre-fill fields on a form somewhere else.

What? Wait, Kay! I already have an ActiveCampaign account – I don’t need to start right from the beginning, do I?

Yes. Yes you do.
I’m definitely not saying you need to abandon the ActiveCampaign account you’ve already worked so hard to create. I am saying that you need to watch this training from the beginning to see if you really have set it up properly. Otherwise there will be fairly basic fundamental things missing, or wonky, that will undermine the success of your email marketing forever, costing you time, money, frustration, lost leads, wasted ad spend – you get the idea. And all that loss could be prevented by running through a few very short easy-to-understand video tutorials.

This is a FREE ActiveCampaign Training? Does that mean it’s basic? Not very good? Perhaps a complete waste of my time?

Absolutely not! I know how precious your time is (I’m self-employed too), so there’s no way I’d waste your minutes with low-quality content. I could charge for this ActiveCampaign course. But I’ve chosen to make it free. For a large percentage of the questions or SOS requests I receive, the quickest and easiest solution is for the person to take this course. If I was selling it for a fee, I’d feel a bit ick about saying ‘the answer is in this course, now you need to pay me £xx to get it’. So I’m giving it away instead, so now I can say ‘the answer is in the course and it’s freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!’

Maybe I should get someone like you to help me get ActiveCampaign set up properly before I go down the route of wasting time setting up automations, lists, etc. and then finding I’ve done it wrong?

No. No you shouldn’t.
Because after that person (if you can find one – there’s a shortage) has set it all up, you would then need to use them to manage your ActiveCampaign account forever and ever. And you’d need to learn how to use the account yourself day to day, without breaking all the things they’ve already set up for you. Take this course so you can get yourself set up properly now AND manage your account successfully in the future.

😍 I watched many of the onboarding videos made by ActiveCampaign, but this free course was easily more helpful (and a better investment of my time).

Kay – I’m taking your AC course right now – absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! 🙌
Just sent out my first campaign and set up my first form….Kay’s videos are awesome!” 💪

This free ActiveCampaign training is for you if…

  • NYou haven’t started your ActiveCampaign trial yet and you’re diligently doing some homework to ensure you make the most of your free trial period.
  • NYou took an ActiveCampaign free trial, didn’t know enough to test it properly, gave up, tried to forget about it, couldn’t, came back, and want to give it a second chance.
  • NYou’re already using ActiveCampaign but know you’re not making the most of its full range of whizz-bang-magical features.
  • !You're willing to work through 150 minutes of video learning, in small manageable tutorials, to ensure you get your email marketing off to the best possible start (or you have someone in your team, like your VA, who’d like to do this).
It really got me up to speed on how to use AC. I found it more “to the point” than some of the AC training courses available on the platform. I think everyone who uses AC should take this course.

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“For anyone on the fence thinking about it; please think no more! Kay over-delivers and there’s way more content than can be written about on the tin! She delivers experience-driven insights that absolutely will improve your deliverability and develop more meaningful and focused engagements.”

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