Get the email deliverability Action Plan for ActiveCampaign

Email deliverability means how much of a chance your emails have to actually get delivered to the inbox when you send from ActiveCampaign, or from any other reputable email sending platform.

Lots and lots of email marketing have stress, worry and concern about landing in the spam folder, low open rates, and undelivered emails.

Kay Peacey knows exactly how to help you reduce stress, improve deliverability, and make more money from your email marketing.

And the good news is it’s totally in your power to take action and keep your emails out of the spam folder.

You’re in the right place – here comes your Action Plan to get your emails delivered to the Inbox more reliably whether you’re senidng with ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Keap or any other major email marketing tech.

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan pdf now

Watch this 10 mins Video – your 5 Step email deliverability Action Plan with Kay Peacey

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan PDF now

Read the 5 Steps – What you need to do to get your emails delivered to to the inbox from ActiveCampaign

STEP 1 is to set up engagement tagging

Every email marketing automation tool should help you track whether people are actually interested in hearing from you.

We call this Engagement Monitoring and it’s a vital part of making sure your emails have the best possible chance of getting to the inbox, no matter what tech you’re using to send them.

For ActiveCampaign users, it starts with rock solid engagement tagging that runs on autopilot.

  • what to do: build engagement automations to tag contacts based on when they last engaged
  • when to do it: sooner rather than later; build the automations or check on them now if you already have them
  • why to do it: so you see who is helping you get to the inbox and who is hindering you, and treat them accordingly

Learn more on why you need these tags and automations, and what to do with them, in our blog on ActiveCampaign engagement tagging.

Pro Tip: If you do nothing else, do this. Engagement tags in ActiveCampaign are vital to staying out of the spam folder.

The best time to set up ActiveCampaign engagement tagging was six months ago – the next best time is now.

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan PDF now

STEP 2 is to build & send better emails

Email deliverability is in your hands – send better content that the people you’re sending to recognise and want to read, no matter what platform or service you’re using to send your emails.

  • what to do: send real human content, to build connection and prompt clicks and replies to your emails
  • when to do it: starting now; be yourself, include a link to click & send more frequently
  • why to do it: you can’t get delivered or clicked if you don’t put yourself out there

Learn more about why content of your ActiveCampaign emails and what your contacts do with them matters in our blog on staying out of the spam folder.

Pro Tip: Every time you write an email, put your deliverability hat on and look to see if it has an inviting link and a human touch.

Every email you send using ActiveCampaign should use best practice to support engagement and deliverability.

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan PDF now

STEP 3 is to be authentic and authenticated for emails from ActiveCampaign

Authentication, and authentic sender information, is vitally important to everyone who sends emails, whether you’re using ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Keap or any other major email marketing tech.

  • what to do: use verifiable and consistent sender-info, and get your domain DKIM, DMARCand SPF done properly
  • when to do it: set up DKIM, DMARC and SPF as soon as possible, and use consistent sender info on all emails, always
  • why to do it: to show clearly and indisputably that you are an expected sender, and definitely not a spammer

Learn more about how to manage your authentication properly in our blog on ActiveCampaign email authentication.

Pro Tip: Don’t follow random blogs and threads on social for authentication advice – follow guidance from reputable sources.

Unexpected, unrecognised or unverified emails get binned into spam by Mailbox Providers and recipients

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan PDF now

STEP 4 is to fire up the email engagement flywheel

Getting your emails delivered to the inbox reliably means making sure you feed the people who are actively loving what you send them, so that they keep showing mailbox providers how much your emails are wanted.

  • what to do: send more emails to highly engaged contacts and fewer or no emails to inactive contacts
  • when to do it: as soon as you can identify those highly engaged or inactive contacts, adjust your sending habits to match
  • why to do it: higher and more frequent email engagement feeds better email deliverability in a virtuous cycle

Learn more about how to build trust, especially in the early days of a new account, in our blog on how ActiveCampaign keeps an eye on your email sending. The engagement tags are your starting point for nurturing trust for email deliverability.

Pro Tip: It’s how you use the ActiveCampaign engagement tags that makes a difference – just having them isn’t enough.

Frequent clickable emails to your best contacts will keep your engagement flywheel spinning the right way.

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan PDF now

STEP 4 is to know your numbers and clean your list

Email marketing is often paid for by how many contacts you are sending to – that’s one great reason to keep your contact list lean and clean.

The other BIG reason to for good list hygeine and cleanup is that sending to sleepy or long-gone contacts really hurts your deliverability.

  • what to do: check click rates for your emails & remove inactive non buyer contacts
  • when to do it: once per month is about right for most businesses
  • why to do it: click rates help monitor deliverability health & cold contacts cost money

Learn more about each of the players in the Get to the Inbox game, and how to keep them sweet in our blog on who is important for ActiveCampaign deliverability.

Pro Tip: Knowing who’s who and what they need to keep them happy is a major advantage in getting your emails to the inbox.

A lean clean contact list combined with responsible email sending is the only proven method for staying out of the spam folder.

Grab the FREE pdf download – ActiveCampaign email deliverability Action Plan

I get it – there’s a lot to remember here! So we made this one-page PDF download for you.

Grab your FREE ActiveCampaign Deliverability Action Plan pdf now

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