ActiveCampaign Changes You Need to Know About

Use this blog to quickly see what significant changes that all ActiveCampaign users need to know about.

From time to time, like all good tech, ActiveCampaign gets an update on how things look, where they are, and how things work.

Usually this improves the user experience, but it can be confusing and slow you down if you aren’t in the loop on what’s changed.

Luckily, we’re here to help, with our running blog on big ActiveCampaign changes and how they impact users.

Disclaimer – this is not a full change-log, just the highlights, on a need-to know basis.

If you need to know all the changes ever made in full detail, please go to ActiveCampaign’s Release Updates

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Important info on updates for ActiveCampaign resold accounts

If you purchased your ActiveCampaign account via a reseller, rather than direct from ActiveCampaign themselves, updates will roll out to you after direct accounts have been updated. Contact your reseller for more information.

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What changed in ActiveCampaign – August 2022 Email Designer Update

The email builder / designer in ActiveCampaign was long-overdue an update, and it’s now reaching users as an (almost) fully featured builder for emails.

What you need to know about ActiveCampaign email designer changes

  • All Slick Business content, including Accelerated ActiveCampaign, uses the Classic (old) builder for emails, imports and templates
  • You can’t switch emails, templates or saved blocks from Classic Designer (old) to Email Designer (new) or vis versa
  • No conditional content feature available yet in the Email Designer (new)
  • Classic = dark grey right sidebar
  • New = pale grey right sidebar

How to choose between Classic and New email designers in ActiveCampaign

The choice step is in the Design tab when creating a new email

How to tell which ActiveCampaign email builder / designer you are using

ActiveCampaign Email Designer (the NEW builder) = pale grey right sidebar
ActiveCampaign Classic Designer (the OLD builder) = dark grey right sidebar

Get help with when and how to move over to the new email builder in ActiveCampaign

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Watch Kay Peacey walk through the July 2022 ActiveCampaign user navigation updates

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What changed in ActiveCampaign – July 2022 User Navigation Update

ActiveCampaign has gone blue on the left sidebar, and slicked up the navigation to speed things up for users.

Overall, it’s a good update for users, with fewer clicks and page-loads needed to get where you need to be.

Summary of July 2022 ActiveCampaign user update

  • Icons changed for Automations, Deals, Reports and Websites areas
  • Left sidebar is blue instead of grey
  • Left sidebar can be expanded or collapsed to show sub-menus in a light blue bar
  • Find Lists via the Contacts area
  • Find Content Library and Campaign Archives via Campaign area
  • Find Saved Responses via the Deals area
  • One-click access to Forms via the Websites area

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Changes to ActiveCampaign Contacts area from July 2022

Direct access to: 

  • manage Tags  
  • manage Fields
  • manage Lists
  • manage Scoring (Plus and above)
  • manage Accounts (Plus and above)

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Changes to ActiveCampaign Campaigns area from July 2022

Direct access to:

  • manage Content 
    – this is the content library where account-wide images, gifs etc can be stored and organised
  • Archives for Lists 
    – this gets you to the area where List advanced settings are, which is where the unsubscribe and update preferences forms are – so that’s a faster route and easier to find now.

Changes to ActiveCampaign Automations area from July 2022

  • Automation icon changed to look like an automation path
  • “Automation Messages” actually means Automation Emails 
    – it’s a little-used alternative way to get to automation emails without going to the automation itself – possibly little used because so few people know what it means…

Changes to ActiveCampaign Deals area from July 2022

  • Deals icon changed to show stacks of deal cards in kanban style, but my brain thought of charts and reports
  • Direct access to Saved Responses – also still available via settings if you’re on Lite

Changes to ActiveCampaign Websites area (for Forms) from July 2022

  • AC Forms now load immediately as the front page on this tab – hooray!
  • Website icon changed to weird block thing that looks like an oven…

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