ActiveCampaign for small business

consultancy, development & coaching

Kay Peacey – the UK expert in ActiveCampaign for small business

I work daily with small businesses using ActiveCampaign as their digital hub, to get things done fast and accurately, solve problems, and enable growth.

I ❤️ ActiveCampaign.

Creative and structured implementation of ActiveCampaign transforms routine business processes from time-consuming manual labour to hands-off fluency.

With a holistic view of digital systems and the humans at the heart of every small business, I am on a mission to empower small business owners and their teams to confidently take the helm of their ActiveCampaign account and use it’s powerful features to thrive, and to grow their business


  • In-depth knowledge of ActiveCampaign applications in real-life small businesses
  • Established expertise in digital marketing, automation and integration
  • A lifetime of teaching and coaching skills
  • A passion for working smarter, not harder 

ActiveCampaign official user advocate

In early 2019 I was thrilled to be selected by the ActiveCampaign community team as the founder UK user advocate in recognition of my contribution to the user community.

As a moderator in ActiveCampaign’s own official Facebook group I support users across the globe, specialising in new users, and tricky small business use cases.

You can also come find me at London ActiveCampaign Study Hall events, where I assist the staff team to deliver great content for small business ActiveCampaign users. I’d love to meet you!

get help with ActiveCampaign


Start using ActiveCampaign

Start from scratch with an expert guide at your side

Migrate to ActiveCampaign

Bring your contacts and processes in from MailChimp or elsewhere

Email Deliverability

Best practice to write and send emails with ActiveCampaign

Account Audit

To build robust, clear and user-friendly ActiveCampaign structures

Account Repair

Fix an unstable or chaotic account and rebuild better

Account Troubleshooting

Finding and fixing problems and glitches

ActiveCampaign Coaching

Build your confidence and skills


ActiveCampaign Automations

Strategy, plan and build, done with you or done for you

ActiveCampaign Integrations

Connect external digital tools and services with ActiveCampaign contacts

Digital Marketing Funnels

Plan and build complete integrated funnels, done with you or done for you

 ActiveCampaign Strategy

Get better value from the features of your ActiveCampaign plan

Engagement Tracking

Full set of automations and how to use them to maintain clean, engaged contact lists

Unsubscribes & Email Preferences

Management systems that work with ActiveCampaign and GDPR in mind

what do you stand to gain?


reduced workload through automation of repetitive tasks

smooth customer journeys with predictable outcomes

scalable, automated, integrated processes

a well documented, robust ActiveCampaign account

the skills and knowledge to use ActiveCampaign with confidence

a bank of bespoke video resources for you and your team

access to all our ActiveCampaign tutorial resources

priority access to Kay’s unique expertise


ready to level up to ActiveCampaign super-powers?

what my clients say

Before I found Kay, I was floundering around trying to figure it all out on my own. I realised I was never going to get on top of all the marketing tech and skills that I needed.

Kay connected the tech dots, and patiently educated me to maintain the systems and build my own. ActiveCampaign seemed utterly overwhelming, but she figured out my individual needs and exactly how to meet them. 

My customers now have a better experience, and I have more time, less stress and a scalable business.

I still refer back to the training videos that she made for me and her ongoing support and insight is incredibly valuable as my company keeps growing.

Lisa Devlin

Owner, Photography Farm

Last year I was drowning in data. Key information was lost or deleted, and staff costs soared. Mistakes kept happening and our professionalism was compromised.

Finding Kay felt like such a relief! She has recommended and implemented affordable tech that has automated all of our systems, and trained us along the way.

A new systematic approach was there from the very beginning, and we now have a fantastic, time-saving set-up. It has even greater impact because it all works together.

I’m in a position now where the day-to-day business is running so smoothly that I can focus my energies on new business. We are growing at a cracking pace – which was simply impossible before.

I absolutely love working with Kay and I am hugely proud of the systems she has built for us.

I've never been this excited about the future of my business!

Hayley Hobbs

Owner, Griffin Teaching

Kay has transformed the way we market our business and has become an indispensable member of the team.

She has implemented effective marketing funnels and helped us develop a solid Facebook ads strategy leveraging data we didn’t even know we had.

Perhaps even more importantly, she has helped us put systems in place that help us communicate effectively as a team, as well as streamlining our workflow and eliminating the repetitive.

Thanks to Kay, we’ve been able to accelerate our growth much more quickly than we thought possible. Her continuing support is now crucial to our ongoing success.

Melissa Love

Owner, The Design Space

If your budget won’t stretch to consultancy, I’ve still got your back.

Sign up for one of my ActiveCampaign training courses, created specially for small businesses looking for help with ActiveCampaign.

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