ActiveCampaign integrations explained, fast

ActiveCampaign’s super-power is how easy it is to integrate with other tech tools you use in your business.

Q: What is integration with ActiveCampaign? A: It’s a way to get the two tech tools to talk to one another on autopilot.

Q: Why is integrating things with ActiveCampaign a good thing for you and your business? A: It saves you time, effort and money

Q: What does ActiveCampaign integrate with anyway? A: So many things! But I’ll give you some highlights of my favourites.

Read on for expert fast answers to the most important questions you have about ActiveCampaign integrations, plus some things you didn’t even know to ask about.

My name is Kay Peacey, and I’ve integrated just about everything to ActiveCampaign in my years of consulting and training ActiveCampaign users, so you’re in the right place to get started.

Follow these steps to understand ActiveCampaign integrations quickly

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Understand what ActiveCampaign integrations are

I expect you’ve heard geeky people like me talk about integration. But if you don’t know what it means, trust me, you’re not alone!

So let’s start by explaining what integration is.

What does Integration mean for ActiveCampaign users?

Integration is a just fancy way to say:

Connect these two tech tools together so they can talk to each other

It’s a lot like introducing two people at a party – “Hey Marla, this is Jim, who likes cats and works in finance. Jim, this is Marla – she’s super-cool, also likes cats, and has known me since I was six years old.”

Once you’ve introduced them, they can carry on chatting without you needing to be there.

Obviously it’s a tiny bit more technical than to integrate (aka, introduce) the tech tools – but it’s way easier than it sounds, and you usually only need to do it one time.

You can see a quick worked example, step by step, in our free Accelerated ActiveCampaign training course, where we show you how to integrate Calendly with ActiveCampaign

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Hear how integrating other tech with ActiveCampaign will help you

In your business, like mine, you probably have at least 10 tech tools doing useful things. Like making appointments, collecting payments, managing tasks, running your calendar, delivering products and services.

The tech tools get stuff done faster, easier, and without making human mistakes like forgetting to do stuff, or getting the email address wrong. They also never sleep, and work on holidays – boom! And they usually cost less to run than a human.

You know how humans are stronger together? Like a bundle of twigs? Well tech tools are the same.

Kay Peacey on why to integrate things with ActiveCampaign

When you integrate other tech tools with ActiveCampaign, data can be sent between them automatically, fast, at any hour of day or night, and without making mistakes.

Your job is to introduce then (connect the integration), tell them how you want them to talk to each other (settings for the integration) and leave them to it while you do other things that are a lot more fun than copying and pasting from one place to another (strategy, growth, human connection etc).

Come join us in our free Facebook group any time for chit chat and inspiration on the joys of integration for ActiveCampaign.

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Know the different ways to integrate with ActiveCampaign

Integrating your tech tools with ActiveCampaign can be confusing, because there are lots of different ways to do it.

Some tech you can integrate with ActiveCampaign in only one possible way.

Other tech may have several integration methods to choose from, or combine.

Knowing which method to use for your ActiveCampaign integration needs can be tricky, so we’re here to help for all our ActiveCampaign Academy members – just search in our private member community or ask at Office Hours any time.

Things you may need when you set up an integrate with ActiveCampaign

  • Your API key for either ActiveCampaign or the other tech tool – in ActiveCampaign this is in Settings > Developer
    The API key is a string of characters that gives one tech tool permission to talk to another one securely
  • Your ActiveCampaign API url – also in Settings > Developer
  • Your login credentials
  • Custom fields you want to connect to or from ActiveCampaign
  • Tags you want to connect to or from ActiveCampaign
  • Lists you want to connect to or from ActiveCampaign

You should also have a strategic plan of what you’re trying to get done, why you’re doing it, what it will acheive for your business.

Oh, and a record of what you set up, and why. This one’s important to save you from failing human memory and trouble later on. We help with how to do this quickly and efficiently in the ActiveCampaign Academy.

Four methods for how to integrate with ActiveCampaign

In order of ease of use, starting from the very easiest and quick to set up, the CX integrations for ActiveCampaign (CX stands for Customer Experience, in case you were wondering)

  1. CX integration with ActiveCampaign
    Send data from ActiveCampaign to the other tech tool from inside ActiveCampaign automations – these ones are so good!
  2. Direct / Native / Third Party integration with ActiveCampaign
    Settings in ActiveCampaign or the other tech tool that send or catch data whenever certain things happen – for example, when a tag is added
  3. Indirect integration with ActiveCampaign via Zapier, Make or Pabbly
    Send data to or from ActiveCampaign using the sticky-tape of the internet – these tools help you connect things that don’t know how to talk directly to ActiveCampaign. We have a course on how to do this in the ActiveCampaign Academy, with step by step guides to make it feel easy – you’ll love it!
  4. API integration with ActiveCampaign
    This one is definitely harder to work with, and suits developers, or large businesses moving lots of data around

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Discover what makes a good ActiveCampaign integration

The best integrations for ActiveCampaign will make it feel easy, will work reliably, and will get the job done without you swearing, crying or giving up.

Look for these things as signs of a good integration with ActiveCampaign

  • You can add (or remove) Tags from contacts
  • You can map custom field values to or from ActiveCampaign
  • It’s not restricted to Lists only
  • It’s clear and easy to find the settings
  • There is a good help document and their support team is responsive
  • For bonus points – you can start or end automations

We have years of experience with ActiveCampaign integrations, and know which ones are great, which ones to avoid, how to get round roadblocks, and how to get the best out of every integration with ActiveCampaign. Join the ActiveCampaign Academy for instant access to Kay Peacey and the team, with all the resources, and to get fast answers to your ActiveCampaign integration questions and challenges.

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Learn about three popular integrations for ActiveCampaign

A quick outline of three integrations we use with ActiveCampaign in Slick Business, with their method of integration and a use case

Integrate Gravity Forms with ActiveCampaign

Gravity Forms is a great third-party form for WordPress that has a fabulous integration with ActiveCampaign

It’s a direct integration, where you use an add-on to the plugin.

Once connected to the ActiveCampaign account using the API key, you can set up multiple, flexible ActiveCampaign feeds for any form.

It’s very versatile, totally reliable, and we use it a lot in Slick Business.

Use case for ActiveCampaign integration with Gravity Forms

A great use case for Gravity Forms integration with ActiveCampaign is to get some quick extra info on the thank-you page when someone opts in for a lead magnet on your site, and pass that to the ActiveCampaign contact. You can see this in action when you grab our free Accelerated ActiveCampaign training.

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Integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign

Bonjoro is a brilliant personal video tool that can integrate with ActiveCampaign several ways.

The best way to integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign is to use the CX integration to add a step in an automations. It’s fast, easy to use, and you can put it exactly where you want to add a special human touch.

Use case for ActiveCampaign integration with Bonjoro

A great use case for Bonjoro integration with ActiveCampaign is to create a task for one of your team to record and send a personal welcome video when a contact buys a high-ticket or special product. You can see this in action when you join the ActiveCampaign Academy – usually it’s me, Kay Peacey, on the back deck here at home, when I’m taking a break from writing blogs!

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Integrate Circle Communties with ActiveCampaign

Circle Communities is in my view the very best community tech there is right now.

Circle integrates with ActiveCampaign via a third party integration tool, like Zapier. This can seem scary to use, but we’re right by your side to show you exactly how it works, and how to set it up fast – our Introduction to Zapier course for ActiveCampaign users includes technical-looking but actually really OK stuff like webhooks, and field mapping – honestly, we make it feel easy in the ActiveCampaign Academy, and we’re there to help if you get stuck.

Use case for ActiveCampaign integration with Circle

A great use case for Circle integration with ActiveCampaign is to add a contact to Space and Boards in Circle when they join your membership or group program. You can experience this in real time when you join the ActiveCampaign Academy or come back after a break – it’s smooth as silk and means you don’t have to wait for me to let you in to our searchable and friendly community of ActiveCampaign users.

We’re huge fans of Circle because it gives us a lovely distraction-proof space to connect with members, talk as much or as little as we like about ActiveCampaign, and stash our growing bank of tutorials and problem-solving real-life ActiveCampaign discussions.

Get more help with ActiveCampaign integrations

ActiveCampaign Academy training with Kay Peacey

In the ActiveCampaign Academy we provide fast expert advice and support for the full range of integrations.

We’ll help you choose the best tech in your budget for whatever you want to get done, so you don’t waste time and money.

And you’ll get full support on exactly how to integrate any tech tool with ActiveCampaign to get your process running on autopilot with no errors, for instant gratification.

With years of experience, endless patience, and speedy troubleshooting, you don’t ever need to struggle on your own to get your other tech working smoothly with ActiveCampaign.

So come on in to the ActiveCampaign Academy, and you’ll have Kay Peacey and the Slick Business team, and all your lovely fellow members, to guide you every step of the way to fabulousness with ActiveCampaign.

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