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ActiveCampaign recommendation - Slicker Tech Tools with Kay Peacey

by | Jan 28, 2020

ActiveCampaign is the email marketing automation platform to choose if you’re a serious business aiming to thrive and grow.

Its capacity to transform the efficiency and scalability of small to medium business is unparalleled in my experience.

I work exclusively with ActiveCampaign as part of my professional services consulting with SMEs.

What does ActiveCampaign do?

It’s an Email Marketing Automation platform with big capabilities.

Let’s break that down:

The Email part is obvious – you can send automated personalised emails to leads and customers, with the right message at the right time.

The Marketing part – you can, and should, use ActiveCampaign for far more than just marketing. ActiveCampaign supports just about every part of your business to perform better with less effort and at a lower cost to you. And it’s really really good at automating your marketing workflows too!

The Automation part is the best part of them all! ActiveCampaign automates internal and customer-facing processes of all sorts, and all automation is included, unlimited, right from the Lite plan upwards. This is the ActiveCampaign super-power.

Ready to jump in? Try ActiveCampaign now with a free two week trial

Want me to walk you through?

As the main part of my professional services, I coach small business users in ActiveCampaign, and I’m really good at it!

To share the love a bit more (because there’s only one of me!) I’ve created this awesome free ActiveCampaign training, Accelerated ActiveCampaign and it would be my pleasure to show you around this fantastic marketing automation platform.

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