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Acuity Scheduling - Slicker Tech Tools with Kay Peacey

by | Jan 28, 2020

I love Acuity Scheduling. It’s a total dream to work with, and I see businesses getting incredibly good value for money from using Acuity.

What does Acuity Scheduling do?

Acuity allows your customers, or leads, or whoever else you want to schedule stuff with, to schedule stuff with you in their own sweet time without wasting any of yours on tiresome back and forth calls or messages trying to find a time that suits.

Why do businesses love Acuity Scheduling?

Business love Acuity because it saves them time and money, and gives their customers and staff a smooth, painless experience when stuff needs scheduling.

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What do businesses use Acuity Scheduling for?

1 – Acuity improves the experience for customers dramatically, as customers can totally independently and in their own time:

  • select appointments
  • book in
  • give details – address, dress size, access requirements…
  • pay
  • add it to their calendar
  • cancel
  • re-schedule
  • get a text reminder
  • get pre-appointment emails so they’re prepared
  • know the exact location or get the video call link
  • answer follow-up questions

2 – Acuity saves staff time used up on the back and forth that usually goes with making appointments, and make their lives easier

  • block out unavailable times
  • set working hours
  • set buffer times for different types of appointment
  • get call links, reminder emails, calendar entries, all hands-off
  • know that clients are well prepared for their appointment
  • allocate leads to a team of staff fairly and evenly

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