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Fast un-boring wins for ActiveCampaign

Getting better at using ActiveCampaign doesn't have to be a slow solitary slog

Even better - it doesn't have to be a battle!

Grab these resources so you can make more money from email & automation without crying, swearing or giving up

Bookmarking fingers at the ready...


Explore ActiveCampaign for free - goes well with our Accelerated ActiveCampaign free mini-course


Make more money in less time with strategic training & technical support from Kay Peacey herself


Fast free tour of the best cookies in the ActiveCampaign jar so you start strong and stay out of trouble


Your safe place to freak out and geek out about ActiveCampaign and email with Kay


Feast on fun explainer videos, top tips, worry-busters and all things ActiveCampaign


Trusted tech and training recommended by Kay to help you thrive and grow your business

Connect with Kay

Kay Peacey is your world-leading ActiveCampaign specialist - so specialist she has a seat on the Customer Advisory Board for actual ActiveCampaign!

She founded the ActiveCampaign Academy at Slick Business, and is unashamedly obsessed with all things ActiveCampaign, so you don't have to be.

If you want to fall in love with automation and email whilst keeping your uniquely wonderful human touch, you're SO in the right place.

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Make more money in less time with  ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign Academy

Time-saving - money-making - stress-reducing help for ActiveCampaign users is what we do.

Learn more about The ActiveCampaign Academy here

The ActiveCampaign Academy gives you the exact steps to ace your emails and automation and drive more revenue with ActiveCampaign.

Expert strategic and technical advice from Kay Peacey whenever you need it.

  • Courses to binge-watch
  • Resources and templates to swipe
  • Calls to consult with Kay on anything you need
  • Community to privately geek out freak out and learn together

Two levels to suit where you’re at with ActiveCampaign and flexible subscriptions so you're in total control of the budget

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