How to get better ActiveCampaign support, fast

by | Jul 1, 2022 | ActiveCampaign Basics

The single biggest barrier to ActiveCampaign users getting support and help, is the long wait times at the ActiveCampaign support desk.

Sorry ActiveCampaign team… you know I love you to the ends of the earth… but you’re growing super-fast (which is great), and that means the wait for the ActiveCampaign support desk can be painful for users when they just need to get it done.

Two things you can do to get better ActiveCampaign support, faster

  1. Get better at asking for support by showing clearly what you need and where you’re stuck
  2. Join my ActiveCampaign Academy and come to me for your ActiveCampaign support instead – we are *way* faster and know a *lot* more about how to use ActiveCampaign in the real business world you’re working in, guaranteed.

This blog post is about item 1 – how you can show quickly and clearly what you need when contacting tech support.

I’m going to show you how to access fast, simple screen-shots and screen-recordings, so you get the fastest, best and most helpful answer, whichever route you use for your ActiveCampaign support.

(Unashamed boast warning) In the ActiveCampaign Academy we provide better, faster, massively more helpful support and strategy for ActiveCampaign users compared to the ActiveCampaign support desk

But no matter where you look for help with ActiveCampaign, you’re going to want to help them to help you better, so read on for how to show-and-tell with a screengrabs and screenrecordings for top notch ActiveCampaign support results.

Follow these steps to get better, faster ActiveCampaign support:

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Get better ActiveCampaign support by taking a screenshot

When you ask for help with ActiveCampaign you will need to show clearly what the problem is.

In our ActiveCampaign Academy we provide fast, personal and expert support, and the fastest easiest solutions are always for members who have posted lovely clear screenshots in our private community.

We need the screengrabs so I can quickly see what their ActiveCampaign problem is, and get straight back to them with the solution.

I can troubleshoot any ActiveCampaign issue, whether it’s a goal not working the way you want in your ActiveCampaign automation, or a contact who had gone off the rails and needs troubleshooting to fix things fast for them.

But to help, I need to see what’s going on (and so does anyone else helping you, like the ActiveCampaign live-chat) so you’re going to need to capture your screen and send that image to get the ActiveCampaign help you want.

The alternative to screenshots is a phone picture of your screen with the camera, but this is a really bad idea (focus, reflection – arrrgh).  And even the most supportive people will be mad at you a tiny bit if you send them a phone-pic-of-screen to squint at. 

How to capture your screen for faster, better ActiveCampaign support

There are lots of options for screen capture, including the ones built in for Mac OS, Windows or on any device you’re using.

Search for built-in screengrabs

To find built-in screencap, search for “how to screengrab on x” – bonus points if you learn the keyboard shortcuts to speed you up.

Use Nimbus screen capture to get better support with ActiveCampaign issues

To go up a big notch, use the Nimbus Capture extension for Chrome browser, on desktop.

Nimbus is awesome – it’s easy, fast and fluent to use,

There are easy annotations, and a range of keyboard shortcuts to save you more time.

A pointy arrow, a circle to highlight the thing you’re talking about, a bit of text and a blurring tool wins the day, every time.

I use Nimbus Capture screengrabs for teaching ActiveCampaign skills in our ActiveCampaign Academy. It’s the most frequently used simple tech-tool in our stack for providing world-class top-speed ActiveCampaign support and training.

In the private community for ActiveCampaign Academy subscribers, the questions and answers come thick and fast, troubleshooting, asking where a button is, or how to use a feature or fix an error – and Nimbus screengrabs are absolutely essential to us for giving fast, effective, actionable ActiveCampaign help.

I literally would not be able to do my job without Nimbus. There’s a free plan, or go to paid for low cost extra features.

Send a screengrab of the ActiveCampaign settings, automation or campaign email you need help with, and you will get a better, faster and more effective answer, every time, whether you wait for ActiveCampaign support email, or post into our ActiveCampaign Academy community for my speedy expert help.

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Ask for ActiveCampaign help clearly and quickly with a screen recording

A still image is great when you need ActiveCampaign support, and you can upload a still to most places, including the ActiveCampaign live chat support….

But sometimes you need to show-and-tell, and describe your current ActiveCampaign problem with waving arms, and narration.

That’s where screen-capture video comes in to help you get better ActiveCampaign help, faster.

When to use a screen-capture video for ActiveCampaign support and help

Want to report a tech bug?

A screen-capture video will show it better most times.

Want to give feedback or send a quick “do this, then that, then this other thing, and this is what you should see”?

A screen-capture video is your new best friend.

Need to explain stuff that’s a pain to put in writing, and show a few moving parts, like an automation and a form and a custom field?

A screen-cap video will help you do a better job of showing exactly what help you need.

But don’t make it any longer than it needs to be – no filler, no fluff, just what the ActiveCampaign support expert needs to see to be able to help you fast.

What to use to capture screen video when you ask for ActiveCampaign support

For quick, easy to share videos of your screen the leader of the pack, by a long way, is Loom.

There’s a free Loom plan, or go to paid for team features and more long-term storage space.

I use Loom daily in our ActiveCampaign Academy to record Tiny Tutorials – it’s so fast and slick, and user-friendly – so we often respond to an ActiveCampaign support question with a 5 to 10 min video show-and-tell.

And we stash all our Loom tutorials for ActiveCampaign users in an easy-to-search library so they’re building into an incredible and unique resource of ActiveCampaign help and support. Winner!

Tech support desks *love* Loom – it helps everyone involved in an ActiveCampaign support ticket to see quickly what’s needed, understand how to fix it, and communicate the fix.

Bonus points for Loom because it integrates like a total dream with just about every other tech tool, including ActiveCampaign,

We regularly feature Loom videos in our ActiveCampaign Academy weekly member update emails – the gif feature means we can drop in a movie-clip that links direct to the tutorial video from the email, and our members *love* this for a quick-fix on ActiveCampaign skills.

There’s a free Loom plan, or go to paid for team features and storage space. Go check it out.

Using screen-capture video will dramatically improve the quality and speed of the ActiveCampaign help you need, whether you go to the ActiveCampaign support desk service for the included level and speed of response, or come into the ActiveCampaign Academy for much faster, expert support and troubleshooting from me, Kay Peacey.

Discover how to avoid a long wait for ActiveCampaign support

I know that lots of ActiveCampaign users struggle to get the support they need as fast as they need it. Time is pressing, and you have a business to run, a launch to get out on time, and customers waiting on you. Lost time is lost sales here.

Five ways to get ActiveCampaign support faster

  1. Join the ActiveCampaign Academy, post in our fast-reponse ask-for-help board, and I’ll reply asap with the solution
  2. Ask users for advice in our free Facebook community or ActiveCampaign’s Facebook group.
  3. Find the chat bubble at bottom right in ActiveCampaign and ask their Live Chat during opening hours
  4. Put in a support ticket to the ActiveCampaign support desk here, with supporting screen capture, and wait
  5. Post in the ActiveCampaign user forum board and wait for a user or staff-member to offer advice

What’s the quickest way to get ActiveCampaign support?

I’m going to be completely honest with you – the best and fastest ActiveCampaign support you can get, anywhere, bar none, is with me, in our ActiveCampaign Academy – you can get access to that with a monthly subscription, and it’s world-class time-saving stress-reducing ActiveCampaign support, with ActiveCampaign training thrown in too.

Check out this Wall of Love for the ActiveCampaign Academy support and training

Don’t take our word for it – see what our members say about the speed and quality of support in the ActiveCampaign Academy

Our private community is open all hours ( I do sleep, but we have expert members all over the world) and there are no hoops to jump through before posting.

Your next best option is the ActiveCampaign Live Chat* if you’re in the right timezone to chat with them during their opening hours – some of the support team are excellent once you get past the chat-bot.

You’ll need your ActiveCampaign account url handy to access the live chat and will need to click through some options to get to where you can describe your issue.

After that, I’d say my best results at no cost other than time and patience have been on Facebook. There are some hyper-experts in ActiveCampaign user communities who may jump in with the answer. Beware – you will need to be cautious and filter for quality advice.

After that, it’s the ActiveCampaign support desk* ticket system. The downside here will always be the wait for a response. It can be some days before a ticket is answered, and you may then need to go back and forth a few times.

*Note that if you’re buying your ActiveCampaign account through a reseller, then your reseller is responsible for your first-line support, and replaces the ActiveCampaign live chat and support desk service.

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So come on in to the ActiveCampaign Academy, and you’ll have Kay Peacey and the Slick Business team, and all your lovely fellow members, to guide you every step of the way to fabulousness with ActiveCampaign.

Learn more about our ActiveCampaign Academy membership
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