Make sure your ActiveCampaign email sending isn’t wasted effort

Are you struggling with open rates, engagement and deliverability?

You feel worried about your open rates

You struggle with engagement tagging and what to do with it

You don't have a system to keep your list clean

You keep getting stuck on optimising your account for deliverability

You don't know how to make sure your emails are even getting seen

Kay Peacey of Slick Business

Then it’s time to get to the inbox reliably with ActiveCampaign

Get ready to nail your engagement monitoring, list cleaning, and account setup to deliver the best possible inbox reach, so your emails get seen by your contacts, and you make more sales.

I’m Kay Peacey and I’m a certified ActiveCampaign consultant with years of experience teaching businesses to get more out their ActiveCampaign accounts.

I can help you achieve improved deliverability and higher open rates so that you get better returns on your email marketing time and ActiveCampaign investment.

It’s no good spending lots of time and money on the copy, the strategy and the automation tech if your emails don’t make it as far as the inbox. 

None of us has that time to waste or money to spare.

Better Engagement and Deliverability with ActiveCampaign

A complete guide to my automated system to optimise and monitor engagement and deliverability, for ActiveCampaign users who want to with get to the inbox reliably with effective emails

Step by step essential setup

So you can quickly build my advanced automated system to monitor engagement, including tags, custom fields and automation imports

Detailed guidance on the critical tech bits

Exact steps to follow to implement the essential but frankly a bit scary-looking behind the scenes techy stuff, so you’re all set and never need to look at it again

Practical how-to on using engagement data

So you know exactly how to send more to your best contacts, re-engage the sleepers, and reduce or stop sending to inactive contacts who hurt your deliverability

An easy routine of regular checks to follow

So you know where to find your numbers, which ones matter, and how to keep an eye on them, plus what to do next  if you find any issues

Best practice for building better emails

Checklists to follow for every email you build, so you get into great habits and know how to avoid accidentally dressing your emails up as spam


List cleaning strategy

So you know what to do to keep your list lean and clean to reduce your account costs and keep your deliverability tip top without ditching valuable data


You’re an ActiveCampaign user

You want the emails you send to get seen

You want to keep your list clean and lean 

You want to grow your business with email marketing

This course covers everything you need to know to max out your open rates and get in front of those all important eyeballs.

You’ll be all set with a system in place, the knowledge you need to run it, and an easy check-in and maintenance plan

  • captioned, bitesize, step-by-step videos
  • theory – so you understand why
  • practical – so you see exactly how
  • complete and detailed guidance
  • interactive checklists
  • downloadable resources
  • searchable transcripts and FAQs
  • resource links for further learning

Your emails drive your sales, so make sure they get delivered

Site Tracking

Kay Peacey of Slick Business


Get your ActiveCampaign site tracking running smoothly

Install site tracking code
Check it’s working
Know what they do on your site

Quick and easy setup for this extremely useful feature


Better Engagement and Deliverability with ActiveCampaign


Buy now to start looking after your emails properly so they can drive your business, and make sales

Bonus – The Roadmap
Bonus – Site Tracking

The Roadmap

Kay Peacey of Slick Business


Get Kay’s proprietary system for keeping track of ActiveCampaign

An easy-to-use essential tool
Get around your account faster
Never forget what a tag was for

Makes your ActiveCampaign life a whole lot easier

Stop sabotaging your business by killing your email-marketing

Goodbye to email tumbleweed, “where’s my email?” messages, low open rates, lost sales and wasted copy-writing, confusion and frustration

Hello reliable inbox arrival, customer delight, and confident business growth.

True story: it mostly involves not accidentally dressing up as a skanky spammer

Kay Peacey of Slick Business


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