Better Engagement & Deliverability with ActiveCampaign

Learn how to land in subscribers’ inboxes and improve engagement in this essential ActiveCampaign training.

An Essential ActiveCampaign Academy course

Worried about your email open rates?

Subscribers reporting missing or junked emails?

ActiveCampaign has an excellent record on email deliverability. They were in the top 3 in 2020, and are the industry leader over a 3 year average.

So if you’re having deliverability problems, they’re YOUR deliverability problems.
This is excellent news, because it means you can do many things to fix it.

And you do need to fix it.

You’re probably paying to acquire at least some of your subscribers (through money spent on advertising, and time spent creating content).

You’re definitely paying to have those subscribers as contacts on your list in Active Campaign.

But when they don’t see or open your emails, those subscribers have no chance to pay you for the goods or services you want to offer them.


Improve your Profitability with Better Engagement And Deliverability 

I’m Kay.

Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant, and ActiveCampaign Customer Advisory Board member 

I’ve helped 1000s of business owners use ActiveCampaign more effectively, and I’ve taken that knowledge and expertise and combined it into the most important course you could take right now, as part of my Essential ActiveCampaign Academy

Better Engagement and Deliverability has been designed to be completed in just one day (although you can pace it over time if you prefer), and is suitable for any level of plan, from Lite upwards.

Drawing on my experience as a qualified teacher and experienced adult educator, I have designed this course to be easy to understand, easy to recall or refer back to, and easy to implement - because it needs to do all three to be truly effective.

These ActiveCampaign tutorials include:

  • NThe warm-up approach that’s vital to getting your new ActiveCampaign account off to the best possible start.
  • NThe 4 key ways engagement monitoring will make your email marketing more profitable.
  • NEssential automations you need to set up now to support your engagement monitoring.
  • NIdentifying Disengaged and Inactive contacts and what to do with them (hint - you don’t just keep on sending them emails and hope eventually they will open one) - some of them are just asleep and need a wake-up call.
  • NHow to safely delete inactive users and make sure you're not paying for subscribers who are never going to buy from you.
  • N12 things to avoid in your email content, and what you should do instead.
  • NUnderstanding deliverability and the influence you have over it - 80% of email traffic is sent by #SkankySpammers. Understand how Mailbox providers and ActiveCampaign work around this to give their users a good experience, so you can stay in their good books and get the best out of their services.
  • NStep-by-step tutorial to set up the technical email authentication that prevents #SkankySpammers from pretending to be you.
  • NHow to use and interpret reports from a free email health-check tool.
  • NThe contact email domains that are notoriously hard to deliver to, and what you can do about that.
  • NThe instructions you can give your contacts so they help you to improve your deliverability, and where to put those instructions.

The ActiveCampaign Academy

The ActiveCampaign Academy is the membership for ActiveCampaign users all over the world who want to ace their email marketing and business automation.

Whatever your starting point, needs or ActiveCampaign plan, the Academy will give you the exact steps you need to ace your emails and automation with ActiveCampaign: expert advice whenever you need it, courses on tap, resources to swipe, face-to-face support, a fabulous community of ActiveCampaign buddies, and two levels of membership to suit where you’re at.

No more tears, swearing or crying, or trying to do it alone - this is the place to get rid of automation overwhelm and put in place real strategy and results.


The ActiveCampaign Academy includes:

  • NKey courses on tap, including Better Engagement and Deliverability with ActiveCampaign
  • NExpert advice and face-to-face support and guidance with Kay Peacey
  • NOffice Hours calls to get my ActiveCampaign-expert brain on your burning issues, fast
  • NResources to swipe, with real use cases, walk-throughs and checklists
  • NAn awesome community of fellow ActiveCampaign users who totally 'get' where you're at
  • NEssential or Advanced levels - both include instant access to this deliverability training

Kay's personal guarantee

I guarantee you will see an improvement in your ActiveCampaign deliverability over time, which in turn improves your email marketing return on investment.

And, if you implement all the recommendations inside this course and you don’t see an increase in your open rates and deliverability health-check score within 120 days, let me know and I will investigate what is going on with your account in a 15-minute, one-to-one call.

They’re lovin’ it.


In a single run-through of the course, I've been able to implement tons of new strategies AND clean up some stuff I didn't even know needed cleaning up.

The course does a lot more than it says on the tin, and the delivery and pacing are sublime. 

- Benjamin D


I'm excited to be finally cleaning up my list so that I can start supporting those contacts who have problems I can solve!

It has taken me way too long to realise that it's far more important to have an engaged list of the right people, than a bigger list full of people ignoring me.

Thanks Kay Peacey, you're a legend!

- Alison B


I'm loving this course.

It is EXACTLY what I needed, as a beginner, to get a handle on both creating the actual engagement tracking for my new online business AND to practice with and better understand fields, tags, triggers, automations, etc. 

- Tina K


The course didn’t feel like what I WANTED to do. Turns out Aunty Kay knows what we NEED to do better than we do.

I learned so much. And now I see now how foundational those things I learned are to all the other things I WANT to do.

- Alisha S


My deliverability score went from 30% to 97% - big win! I couldn't have reached this milestone without Kay Peacey's ninja kills and her deliverability training course.

I'm so excited to be in ActiveCampaign's good graces!

- Eryn M


Better Engagement & Deliverability is an absolute must for anyone that uses ActiveCampaign.

This course will have an immediate effect on your deliverability numbers - it’s one of the few courses I have taken that also has value as reference.

Where’s the delighted emoji?!

- Adam W

This course in the Academy is for you if...

  • NYou have something to sell your subscribers. If your profitability depends on email marketing then this course can repay your time and money commitment within days.
  • NYou can commit someone in the team with one working day to spare, plus a half day per month to review, and enough techy ActiveCampaign inclination to implement.
  • NYou’re willing to adapt your email building and sending strategy and routines to the guidance in this course, to raise, and then maintain, your open rates.
  • !You’re on any ActiveCampaign plan from Lite upwards.

 Better Engagement And Deliverability inside the ActiveCampaign Academy

 Access from just $97 

for one whole month of Essential ActiveCampaign Academy

  • Fully updated for Google and Yahoo deliverability changes in 2024
  • This one course all on its own is worth $397
  • It's totally fine to drop in for just one month to get this done - no pressure to stay
  • NCourse of bitesized video tutorials Engagement and Deliverability course, with captions
  • NDownloadable checklists to help you take action reliably
  • More courses plus community, and calls with Kay in the ActiveCampaign Academy

Your FAQ



Remember when you bought your first car and the seller gave you a quick tour of the features and sent you off with a handbook that tells you what all the buttons do and what all the lights mean? They didn’t teach you how to drive did they?

ActiveCampaign will show you what the buttons do. How to complete specific tasks within the platform. But they don’t show you how to use the features within your specific digital marketing needs and strategy so you can make more money in your business. I will.



No. There is a huge skills shortage in this area. So it’s difficult to find any ActiveCampaign consultants with the capacity to take on new clients. And if you do outsource this, you will either remain dependent on that person indefinitely, or at some point you (or someone in your team) will have to learn how to do this work, and take it over.

The techniques I teach in this course can have a massive impact on your deliverability, and therefore the profitability of your email marketing. Why would you not want to have this knowledge within your own team?


Will I need to upgrade my account plan?

No. Everything within the course assumes you are on the Lite plan, so this course is suitable for you if you’re on Lite, Plus, Pro or Enterprise. You might even find you’re able to downgrade your contact limit after implementing what you learn to keep your list clean and lean.


I can’t forecast the future, but I can help you make an educated guess. There are three ways this course can improve your profitability:

1 - Sell more
How much do you sell your products/services for? How many extra could you sell if more of your contacts received, opened, read (and clicked!) your emails? How quickly do you anticipate making $73 in extra sales?

2 - Pay less for your ActiveCampaign account
If you’re carrying a lot of Inactive contacts in your lists, then you can save money by removing them. And what you learn in this course will show you how to keep identifying and either re-engaging or removing these long-term-gone contacts so you never unknowingly pay for Inactive subscribers again.

3 - Pay less to acquire new subscribers
By making the most of the ones you already have. Seems a bit crazy to spend time and money building an email list when you aren’t maximising the engagement and value of the subscribers you already have.

I’m here to take your ActiveCampaign to the next level..

“For anyone on the fence thinking about it; please think no more! Kay over-delivers and there's way more content than can be written about on the tin!

The course brings experience-driven insights that absolutely will improve your deliverability and develop more meaningful and focused engagements.”

- Neil G

Better Engagement and Deliverability is available right now for you on either Essential or Advanced level inside the ActiveCampaign Academy

Come on in for instant access to the best ActiveCampaign training there is, anywhere.

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