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by | Feb 7, 2022 | ActiveCampaign Basics

The basic function of a form is to collect some information into Fields, and send that information to the ActiveCampaign record for the Contact.

ActiveCampaign forms are just like the old fashioned paper sort really.

You can use them is a lot of really creative ways, but let’s start with the basics.

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Follow these steps to learn about ActiveCampaign Forms:

What is an ActiveCampaign Form?

ActiveCampaign forms are just like the old fashioned paper sort really.

The ActiveCampaign form collects values into fields, and updates them on the contact record.

You are totally in charge of which fields are offered up on any ActiveCampaign form.

The email address field has to be included, otherwise ActiveCampaign doesn’t know which contact the info belongs to.

You can make some fields on your ActiveCampaign form required.

This is very useful, so the person filling out your ActiveCampaign form can’t wriggle out of agreeing to your perfectly reasonable terms and conditions, for example

Form abandonment is a risk though – where someone just gives up and goes away in disgust at a form that is just too annoying or hard to fill out. A major cause of form abandonment is over-use of the required setting on every single field.

Make your ActiveCampaign Forms easy and clear to fill out. This way you’ll get it submitted when you needed it, with the info you want.

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What you can do with an ActiveCampaign form

You can have ActiveCampaign do extra things when a form is submitted, like adding a tag, or sending you an email. Handy! These are called Form Actions.

Here are a few of the ActiveCampaign Form Action settings available:

  • Enable double opt-in, or turn it off
  • Re-direct to a thank you page
  • Trigger an ActiveCampaign Automation (eg. for a lead magnet) – this is super useful!
  • Add an ActiveCampaign Tag
  • Send an email to you or a team member

Forms that take action do a lot more than collect data and grow your email marketing list.

ActiveCampaign Forms can save you a lot of time and perform some smooth marketing moves for you too.

What to put on an ActiveCampaign form

Instead of leaving in the rather boring default form copy, a lovely and easy thing to do is adapt the words that go with your ActiveCampaign form fields. 

When you add a field to a form, the field name is used as the label (or Field Header as it’s called in the settings)

Replace the name of each form field with some much nicer words that feel more human.

Edit the words that say what the field is, so instead of the field name “wedding date” on the form it could say, “What is the date of your wonderful wedding?”.

Now, imagine it’s you filling in the form. Wouldn’t you get a warm glow thinking that someone really cares about your big day? It’s a big dose of humanity, in just a few words, and it can make all the difference.

Of course, make sure you use words that reflect your brand voice. So don’t be formal if you’re informal. Use words you might use in your social posts or website copy. Make it *you*.

Where can you be creative with form copy?

  • Field prompts
  • Field labels
  • Extra text in html block
  • Edit the submit button – no one has ever felt connection with a human on seeing the word Submit

Go on – have a go! It’s fun, and it feels good.

How to style an ActiveCampaign form

Embedded ActiveCampaign Forms do not look good straight out of the box, with their default settings.

There, I said it.

Happily, there are some very simple ways to improve the look of ActiveCampaign Forms.

Four ways to style an ActiveCampaign Form better

  • Add a heading, images and text to your form
  • Make the background of the form transparent so it blends in easily on your site
  • Style the submit button with your brand font and colours
  • Style the field labels and prompts with your brand fonts

Want to see a bit on how to style your ActiveCampaign forms better?

Of course you do…. So go take my FREE Accelerated ActiveCampaign Course, and in the lesson on ActiveCampaign Forms, you’ll find a speedy guide.

(You’ll also learn how to do lots of other basic but brilliant things with ActiveCampaign – double win!).

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Get Help with how to use ActiveCampaign Forms

Now obviously, there is a ton more cool and wonderful stuff I want to tell you about for using ActiveCampaign Forms.

You can get so many business use-cases done better, faster, and more effectively with forms – and your customers and leads will love you for it too.

There’s way to much to cover in a blog… and most times, you just want to know “how do I get this done best with an ActiveCampaign form?”

In the ActiveCampaign Academy, we are there with our members every day, guiding them quickly to the best, easiest way to use forms fore them, their business, and their customers.

Forms bring in leads, drive sales, collect data, drive internal process, and lots more. But only when you know how to make them work…

So come on in to the ActiveCampaign Academy, and you’ll have Kay Peacey and the Slick Business team, and all your lovely fellow members, to guide you every step of the way to forms fabulousness with ActiveCampaign.

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