A Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant who can transform your business efficiency, data and marketing automation.

This is me…

I take very special care of my ActiveCampaign consultancy clients, getting to know their business, their team, and their customers, figuring out how to best meet all their needs with ActiveCampaign as the hub.

In the process, I find all sorts of ways to help each business run more smoothly to save them time and money in unexpected ways, and give their customers the best experience possible every single time.

Whether you’ve got funnels and processes you want to smooth out or get up and running, an awkward use-case to dig into, a problem you need fixed, a messed-up ActiveCampaign account that needs major TLC or all of the above and more, I’ve got you covered.

My specialist consultancy services are only available to businesses offering courses or memberships. This means I offer an unrivalled skill-set specific to the needs of your business and tech environment.

I’m the unicorn geek you’ve been looking for, to help you use the amazing tech to get your strategy, marketing and customer experience all running smoothly, hands-off, so you can thrive and grow.

Together we nurture the digital ecosystem that lies behind every successful membership site or course provider.

Is this you?



You use ActiveCampaign already or are ready to move to it, have a WordPress website, and are working with or towards an integrated, automated tech stack.



You offer courses or memberships, and are seeking to grow your business using marketing automation and integrated funnels.


You’re willing to let me under the skin of your business, meet with me regularly, and take action based on my advice.


You’re able to define and describe your needs, processes and goals clearly, because to automate and integrate, first we must understand and plan.


You and your team have time available to work with me, learn new skills and implement changes for the duration of the project.



You have a budget set aside for my services and for additional tech tools. The minimum commitment for a new project is £2500 per month for six months.

Happy clients

LISA DEVLIN, Photography Farm

Before I found Kay, I was floundering around trying to figure it all out on my own. I realised I was never going to get on top of all the marketing tech and skills that I needed.

Kay connected the tech dots, and patiently educated me to maintain the systems and build my own. ActiveCampaign seemed utterly overwhelming, but she figured out my individual needs and exactly how to meet them.

My customers now have a better experience, and I have more time, less stress and a scalable business.

I still refer back to the training videos that she made for me and her ongoing support and insight is incredibly valuable as my company keeps growing.

MELISSA LOVE, The Design Space

💪 Kay has transformed the way we market our business and has become an indispensable member of the team.

She has implemented effective marketing funnels and helped us develop a solid Facebook ads strategy leveraging data we didn’t even know we had.

Perhaps even more importantly, she has helped us put systems in place that help us communicate effectively as a team, as well as streamlining our workflow and eliminating the repetitive.

Thanks to Kay, we’ve been able to accelerate our growth much more quickly than we thought possible. Her continuing support is now crucial to our ongoing success.


HAYLEY HOBBS, Griffin Teaching

Last year I was drowning in data. Key information was lost or deleted, and staff costs soared. Mistakes kept happening and our professionalism was compromised.

Finding Kay felt like such a relief! She has recommended and implemented affordable tech that has automated all of our systems, and trained us along the way.

A new systematic approach was there from the very beginning, and we now have a fantastic, time-saving set-up. It has even greater impact because it all works together.

I’m in a position now where the day-to-day business is running so smoothly that I can focus my energies on new business. We are growing at a cracking pace – which was simply impossible before.

I absolutely love working with Kay and I am hugely proud of the systems she has built for us.

I’ve never been this excited about the future of my business!

What can I do for you?
Here’s a non-exhaustive selection of the things I routinely help businesses achieve with ActiveCampaign


  • Migration strategy
  • Account audit
  • Documentation of account and processes
  • Account restructuring
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Team training
  • ActiveCampaign best practices
  • Deliverability audit
  • Automation workflows
  • Deals and pipelines workflows
  • Automation strategy and implementation
  • Integration strategy and implementation
  • Marketing funnel planning and build
  • Maximising leverage of plan features
  • Engagement monitoring
  • List hygiene processes
  • Unsubscribe and preferences management


  • NTime saved through automation of repetitive tasks and processes
  • NSmooth customer journeys with predictable outcomes
  • NScalable, automated, integrated processes
  • NRobust ActiveCampaign account ready for growth
  • NSkills and knowledge to use ActiveCampaign with confidence
  • NBespoke training and resources for your team
  • NAccess to all my ActiveCampaign training courses
  • NPriority access to my unique expertise

My tech wheelhouse includes

  • ActiveCampaign (doh!)
  • WordPress
  • LifterLMS/MemberPress
  • WooCommerce/ThriveCart
  • WP Fusion
  • Zapier
  • Gravity Forms/Response Suite
  • Everwebinar/Demio
  • Acuity/Calendly
  • AirTable
  • FormStack
  • Slack
  • Facebook Business Manager

Not ready for consultancy?

Everything you need to get your relationship with ActiveCampaign off to the best possible start (or recover it if your love is already on the rocks).

You’ll learn to do basic but brilliant things with campaigns, integrations and automation, AND how to avoid the most common crisis-causing mistakes.

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