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by | Sep 8, 2021 | ActiveCampaign Basics

Advanced Search in ActiveCampaign does exactly what it says on the tin. It finds the ActiveCampaign contacts you’re looking for. 

Searching for Contacts that match a set of Conditions, set out by you, is a regular job for anyone working with ActiveCampaign. And it’s super-easy using the Advanced Search feature. If only you can find where it is….

So let me help you find and use the Advanced Search feature in ActiveCampaign.

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Find the Advanced Search feature in ActiveCampaign

Where is Advanced Search in ActiveCampaign?

  • Go to a Contacts tab
  • At top right, click where it says 🔍 Search Contacts
  • Eyes down slightly, and click on Advanced Search

Voila! At the top of the screen, the Conditions Editor appears.

This is where the ActiveCampaign Advanced Search feature is hiding!

There are lots of things you can look for in your advanced search, using the conditions editor.

Contact details, custom fields, tags, page visits, country, has submitted a form, has not clicked on a link… lots and lots of useful information to work with.

Almost anything ActiveCampaign knows about Contacts can be selected and used in an Advanced Search.

Learn what it means that ActiveCampaign Advanced Search is Dynamic

This is the most important thing you need to know about Advanced Search in ActiveCampaign:

Searches in ActiveCampaign are Dynamic – which means they run. live, each time they are used.

Once you’ve selected the conditions for your search, you need to hit the big blue Search button.

ActiveCampaign then tests every contact in your account against the conditions you set, at the moment you run the search.

And then it loads up all ActiveCampaign contacts that meet your conditions at the time the search is run, so that you can see them.

This is a dynamic search – the results might be different every time you run it, as contacts are added, removed, or edited.

An ActiveCampaign Advanced Search that you run today might come up with a different bunch of contacts, compared with the same search when it’s run next Tuesday.

The great thing about this dynamic Advanced Search is that you can be sure the information ActiveCampaign gives you is entirely accurate and up-to-date. Winner!

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Use ActiveCampaign Advanced Search to quickly count and tag contacts

Search is super-useful for quickly finding a specific chunk of contacts you need to locate, do something with, or count.

When you run an Advanced Search, ActiveCampaign shows a count of exactly how many contacts meet the search conditions you set.

And you can then do stuff with them all, like adding a tag to them all at once, with just a couple of clicks.

Create a Saved Search that you can run again any time in ActiveCampaign

When you have run a search and you have a list of contacts who meet your conditions, you can choose to Save as Search

This creates a Saved Search that you can use again and again, any time you need it, with the conditions you already set up in the Advanced Search. Very handy.

This is enormously pleasing to my lazy-self, and a big time saver.

You give your Saved Search a name, and it shows up for you as a Saved Search that you can run any time you like.

Be aware, Saved Searches only show up for the ActiveCampaign account user who created the Saved Search

On the upside, this means you can call your Saved Searches anything you like, and no one else need ever know…

Saved Search is for your eyes only.

Get help with using Search in ActiveCampaign

We teach how, and when, to use Advanced Search a lot inside the ActiveCampaign Academy.

Using search effectively saves hours of time for all businesses using ActiveCampaign.

And then knowing how to use it with a bulk edit to get things done fast and easy, and right first time, is a total game-changer for ActiveCampaign users in your business. You need to know this stuff, so you can get the value out of this awesome tech tool.

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