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by | Sep 8, 2021 | ActiveCampaign Basics

An ActiveCampaign Automation is a set-list of steps for ActiveCampaign to do, in a set order, with an ActiveCampaign Contact, as it passes through.

Automations are the main moving part of the ActiveCampaign engine, and you’re in the exact best place to learn how to leverage them, fast with me, Kay Peacey.

Contacts get put through ActiveCampaign Automations, rather like marbles being sent through a marble-run.

ActiveCampaign automations are the auto-pilot that lets you step away to go get on the relaxation bus and keep yourself well, so you can run your business effectively.

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Follow these steps to learn about ActiveCampaign Automations:

Learn what an ActiveCampaign Automation is

An Automation is basically a set list of stuff for ActiveCampaign to do, in a set order, with an ActiveCampaign Contact, as it passes through.

Each Automation is like a marble run, and a Contact is like a marble, dropping down the run at its own pace.

An ActiveCampaign contact (aka the marble) can go through the same automation (aka marble-run) more than once – lots and lots of times in fact.

And a single ActiveCampaign Automation can have lots of Contacts running through at the same time, at different points on the run.

Thinking of ActiveCampaign Automations as marble runs is a really good way to get your head around how to use them.

The best thing about automations is that they run all by themselves, even when you are chilling in your hammock, or feeding your kid’s hamsters.

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Find out what you can do with an ActiveCampaign Automation

The building blocks for ActiveCampaign Automations are action steps, like these:

Just like a marble, dropping down a marble-run, an ActiveCampaign Contact goes through each step as it passes through the Automation.

For example, you could set your ActiveCampaign Automation so that each Contact goes through these steps, in order:

  1. gets a tag on entering your automation
  2. receives an email
  3. waits 24 hours
  4. receives a second email
  5. gets an updated value in a custom field

You can also include decision points (these are called if/else steps) to send marbles down different paths.

So an ActiveCampaign Automation is simply Contacts dropping in at the top and working their way through the Automation, following the right path, all without you lifting a finger.

The marbles keep rolling, even though you’re at the dentist, or flying a kite… What’s not to like here?

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Discover advanced steps to use in ActiveCampaign Automations

Like all the best marble runs, ActiveCampaign Automations can also use special blocks to do fancy stuff, like this:

  • Send a notification email to the sales lead
  • Create a Bonjoro task to close the sale
  • Schedule a text to remind them about the appointment
  • Skip them to the end when they buy the product

As with standard automation steps, an ActiveCampaign Contact will go through these advanced steps one at a time, in the order you’ve set up – just like a marble dropping down a marble run. 

Fancy steps in Automations are very cool, and they keep you and your customers connected, efficienly served and completely up-to-date, 

And all this happens even though you’re actually asleep, or at the disco…

We deliver world-class support and training on how to use ActiveCampaign automations in our ActiveCampaign Academy – come join us to unleash wizard-level magic without breaking a sweat.

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Use ActiveCampaign Automations for unique personal experience

Email sending steps in ActiveCampaign Automations are really good for sending an email to a Contact at the exact right moment for that contact. 

Humans love getting the info they need, right when they want it. 

Automations, and the emails in them, are how we can make that happen for our people in ActiveCampaign. But here’s the thing a lot of people miss out on…

ActiveCampaign Automations are about so much more than sending emails.

Automations are the hero-feature that lets us have the exact right things happen for our customers and leads at the exact moment they want or need it.

ActiveCampaign Automations allow for the fact that we’re all individuals, with individual needs and wants. 

And as we are not the same, we need to treat each marble on the marble run to its own special trip. 

So everyone gets to feel like they’re your number one most valued and treasured person….

Even though you’re actually at the shops, buying cat food, or maybe a beer…

Seriously, what’s not to like here?

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Get Help with how to use ActiveCampaign Automations

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