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by | Jan 31, 2022 | ActiveCampaign Basics

You can put a tag on an ActiveCampaign contact.

Then you can take it off again.

As many times as you like.

And that’s all there is to it.

Tags are the sticky-labels of ActiveCampaign.

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What is an ActiveCampaign Tag?

You can have as many different tags as you like.

Contacts can have lots of tags, or none at all. Tag goes on, tag comes off, as many times as you like.

ActiveCampaign can see immediately whether a contact has any particular tag or not, no matter how many there are.  

ActiveCampaign does not keep track of tags throughout history, and when they were added or removed – it just knows whether the tag is there on the contact, or not, at that moment in time. 

Naming Tags in ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has no idea what the words on your tags mean.

It can count how many contacts have that tag, and make decisions based on whether the tag is there or not, but AC definitely cannot tell you what that tag means in your business.

The meaning of the words bit is for the humans who see or use the tag in your ActiveCampaign account

Like sticky-labels, tag names are best kept short and intuitive. 

Humans don’t like cryptic sticky-labels – much better if you can tell right away what the label means.

Consistency, and a naming system is the key to getting this right.

Naming tags better is a major easy win for ActiveCampaign users, and we teach a fast and effective snippet on how to do it in our free Accelerated ActiveCampaign training.

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How to avoid Tag trouble in ActiveCampaign

Careless or hasty tagging causes trouble many ActiveCampaign accounts.

First sign of trouble is the mess when multiple similar tags are in use, and no one has any idea which is the “real” tag.

  • BCM-done-63
  • bcm-DONE_63
  • BCM-don

Using master-class where Masterclass ought to be can cause days or weeks of expensive fallout, and the worst cases require major intervention from a specialist to reduce symptoms and prevent further outbreaks.

Prevention is better than cure, so make a vow right now, when typing in or creating tags on contacts, or in automations and so on:

No More Hasty Tagging in your ActiveCampaign account

Kay Peacey – leading ActiveCampaign expert

Top Tips for ActiveCampaign Tags

And it’s best not to have a really large number of tags in your ActiveCampaign account.

Otherwise it gets really hard for humans to scan-read the jumble of tags on a contact.

It’s very easy to get carried away with tags.  Before you know it, they’re taking over your ActiveCampaign account and getting everyone in a muddle, causing bad experience for customers, leads and the team.

Tags are wonderful, but they are not the boss of you, so don’t let them swamp your account. 

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There is a *lot* to know about tags in ActiveCampaign – far more than I can tell you in one blog post.

We created the ActiveCampaign Academy membership to support users to get way more value from their ActiveCampaign accounts – and we spend a lot of time talking tags and all their glorious uses.

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