Topics covered in Advanced ActiveCampaign

Plus, Pro and Enterprise ActiveCampaign features, and the advanced strategies, skills and workflows to get the best out of those features with more complex automations and integrations, and for working with clients on their ActiveCampaign.

  • deep data e-commerce connections and features - eg Shopify, WooCommerce
  • CRM features - deals, pipelines, tasks, deals custom fields
  • conditional content, landing pages and lead scoring
  • Accounts features - for B2B
  • Facebook audience integration
  • working with WP Fusion and ActiveCampaign
  • advanced workflows using webhooks and API
  • complex processes and integrations, with planning and documentation
  • delivering ActiveCampaign services to clients and working with teams
  • workflows for untangling and handling large messy ActiveCampaign accounts

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