Constance was totally frustrated after trying hard for months, still not knowing how to get ActiveCampaign to do basic but important things in their US based Perfect Nutrition business -  like sending emails out at the right time, and getting them to land at the inbox.

Within her very first week in the Academy, our deliverability course had solved long standing issues with their email authentication that had eaten up hours of wasted time on tech support that didn't help.

The stress of feeling helpless turned into the glow of successful sending, and excitement to dive in more. Wow!

Kay, I just have to tell you what a GOD SEND you are!  I am truly so thankful for this - no more tears...  My email deliverability has been such a headache for so long and the simplicity of your video allowed me to figure it out instead of spending hours chatting impossible words with a tech guy online.  So thankful! And so excited to dive in more

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