Create ActiveCampaign emails in less time with TextExpander

by | Jun 28, 2022 | ActiveCampaign Tutorials

Creating emails in ActiveCampaign is time-consuming – but there are some easy tricks to speed up creating emails, and get all the details right first time.

Read this blog to hear how one simple tech tool can dramatically reduce the time needed to create an ActiveCampaign Campaign or Automation email, and reduce the errors at the same time.

If you’ve ever groaned at how slow ActiveCampaign can be, especially the email builder (and I know you have), or cursed the time your team (or you) mis-typed a critical link in an ActiveCampaign launch email (been there, felt that pain), you’re in the right place.

Follow these steps to create better ActiveCampaign emails, faster:

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Discover how typing slows you down and increases errors in ActiveCampaign

When we type with our fat fingers and human brains, we make mistakes. All. The. Time.

When we type with our fat fingers and human brains we are slow, and have to go back and fix stuff.

This slows down ActiveCampaign email creation, a lot. and especially in some critical places where if it’s wrongly typed, it can be a total disaster.

Things in ActiveCampaign emails that need to be done right, and fast

  • Sender email address and reply-to, and sender name
  • Links in text and images
  • Prefills to forms
  • Phone-numbers and names of people and businesses
  • Dates and details of prducts, services and events

Get any of those wrong and the whole ActiveCampaign email you created and sent could be completely pointless.

Errors on links and details in ActiveCampaign emails can cost a lot in lost sales

And it’s embarrassing too!

I’m about to give you a big easy win to save time and reduce mistakes in your ActiveCampaign emails…

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Speed up ActiveCampaign with text expansion

You already know about clipboard Copy & Paste, right? You can go grab something to your clipboard, and paste that exact thing into a new location.

Copy & Paste is great if you can lay hands quickly on the original text, but not useful if the thing you want to grab is twenty clicks away, assuming you can find it at all….

Now, imagine a world where:

You can type a tiny snippet, just a few characters, on any device, and it is magically replaced with a full “copy and paste” of the exact text you needed.

That’s what Text Expansion is

Common questions about editing ActiveCampaign emails

  • How do I change the default sender email in ActiveCampaign?
  • How do I change the default sender name in ActiveCampaign?
  • Can I change sender name or email for all my automation emails in one move?

These questions are all around email sender information, which is critical to your ActiveCampaign deliverability and are great examples of where using text expansion helps make ActiveCampaign emails more effective.

You will save hours of your time by using text snippets to enter the email sender address, sender name, url links and other repeated text strings that come up all the time in your ActiveCampaign emails.

Plus, you and your team will make away fewer of the mistakes on critical ActiveCampaign email details due to fat fingers and faulty human memories.

That’s how text expansion helps us make more money, through faster, better email creation in ActiveCampaign.

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Find snippet settings on your devices for faster ActiveCampaign email creation

You can use the built in tech on your devices to get text expansion at no extra cost. It’s not as good as the tech tool I’m about to recommend, but it’s better than relying on your clipboard.

Where to create typing shortcuts on Mac OS

System Preferences > Keyboard > Text

Where to create typing shortcuts on Apple iOS

Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

Where to create typing shortcuts on Windows and Android

Confession – I don’t know!

But search for keyboard settings, keyboard shortcuts, snippets, text replacement. And if you find where it is drop me a line and I’ll add a note here for future you’s.

Use TextExpander to save time & reduces mistakes in ActiveCampaign emails

This is hands down the biggest time-saver I have ever found for getting ActiveCampaign emails built fast and without errors.

I personally save around 1.5 hours every single month by using TextExpander across my devices.

TextExpander is a simple and affordable tool that rocket-boosts the basics of text expansion into a fluent text producing machine, that actually works for humans too.

How TextExpander will save you time every month

  • Save you hours of typing
  • Save you from fat-finger errors
  • Ensure accuracy for you and your team, across all devices
  • Free you up to share your important links freely and fast, from the beach or the bus-stop

Why is TextExpander better than built-in device text snippets?

  • Share folders of snippets with your team – GOLD for consistency fast team onboarding
  • Suggest things you type often to save as snippets,
  • Whoop at you when you could have used a snippet but didn’t
  • Set up hot-keys for your most-used snippets
  • Tell you how much time you saved
  • Tell you which snippets you use most
  • Roll out whole paragraphs or pages, with pictures, hyperlinks, drop-downs and more

How much does TextExpander cost?

TextExpander costs under $5 per month.  



That’s a VERY cheap way to cut your ActiveCampaign workload, reduce errors in your ActiveCampaign emails, and stash useful copy to roll out in a flash.

Total no-brainer.

Text Expander will help get your ActiveCampaign email edits done at super-fast speed and with zero errors, so you can get back to the content that really matters.

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