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by | Sep 8, 2021 | ActiveCampaign Basics

Segments are a critically important feature in ActiveCampaign, used to send a Campaign email to a specific selection of Contacts.

Many ActiveCampaign users do not know how to use Segments, where to find them, or how to create them.

Let’s fix that for you today, right now, so you can find and use the awesome power of Segments in your ActiveCampaign account.

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Know the difference between a Segment and a Saved Search in ActiveCampaign

How do you know if you need a Segment vs when you need a Saved Search in ActiveCampaign?

They’re actually very similar things.

A Segment in ActiveCampaign is a like a Saved Search, but with extra whistles and bells. 

You set some conditions usign the Conditions Editor, and ActiveCampaign finds you all the contacts who are a match for your conditions.

But there are two main differences between a Saved Search and a Segment in ActiveCampaign:

  1. A Segment is available to all the ActiveCampaign users in the account, no matter who created the Segment.
    But a Saved Search is available only to the individual ActiveCampaign user who created it.
  2. A Segment can be used when sending a Campaign email.
    But a Saved Search cannot be used when sending a Campaign email.

That second point is a really big deal in ActiveCampaign.

A Segment can be used when sending a Campaign email in ActiveCampaign, so you don’t need to send to a whole List

Knowing when and how to send a Campaign email to a Segment, rather than to a whole List is hands down the easiest big win for members who learn with me in the ActiveCampaign Academy.

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Learn how to create an ActiveCampaign Segment

Here’s the easiest way to create a Segment:

Use Advanced Search, with all the usual conditions, AND/OR, and choose ‘Save as Segment’.

Top tip: give it a sensible name so you and everyone else can tell what the Segment is doing.

Any ActiveCampaign user in your account can then see and use the Segment. Nice!

And because we’re so darned lovely, and want every ActiveCampaign user to see how to make and use a simple Segment, we’ve included it in our free Accelerated ActiveCampaign training course.

Of course, keeping track of Segments is a whole other ball-game – in the ActiveCampaign Academy we teach you how to stay on top of Segments so you and your team can create, find and use them easily.

It’s a total game-changer and one of the biggest, easiest transformative early wins for our members.

Understand how to use an ActiveCampaign Segment to send a Campaign email

When you create a Campaign email, instead of sending to a whole List, you can choose to send to a Segment of that List.

Wow. Game-changer, right there.

When the Campaign sends, it goes only to the contacts who are in that Segment and subscribed to that List at the time of sending.

Boom. You now have total control over who gets your Campaign emails sent with ActiveCampaign.

So if you’ve created a Segment for cheese-lovers, you can select this Segment to write to with your Campaign about the joys of camembert and brie. 

It means you can target your content better, and make your subscribers feel special at the same time – win win.

In the ActiveCampaign Academy, we teach rock-solid methods for creating and using Segments for regular sending. The relief, when you know your Campaign is going to exactly the people you mean it to, every time, is enormous.

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Know what it means that a Segment in ActiveCampaign is Dynamic

Dynamic sounds cool, and it really is cool – and very useful – when it comes to ActiveCampaign Segments.

Every ActiveCampaign Segment is Dynamic

This means that when your ActiveCampaign Segment runs, it will check all the contacts in your account, and bring up all the ones that meet the conditions you specified for that Segment at that moment.

So the contacts that a Segment brings up today may be different to the contacts that same Segment brings up next week – as contacts are continually being added, removed, or edited.

The result is that your Segment will always be entirely accurate, in real time.

Segments run at the time of use, including for scheduled Campaigns at the time of sending.

For a fast, free glimpse at how to use Segments better in ActiveCampaign, check out our totally free training, Accelerated ActiveCampaign.

Get help with how to use Segments in ActiveCampaign

To make sure the right email gets to the right contacts at the right time, every time, you need Segments on your side.

Using ActiveCampaign Segments properly saves hours of time, trouble and stress

It’s what we all want, right!

We teach exactly when and how to use Segments inside the ActiveCampaign Academy, including how to name them, keep track of them, check they’re correct, and use them with a team. Killer information for ActiveCampaign users.

If you want to be in on the wins, come on in…

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