How To Get Started Fast With ActiveCampaign

Getting started with ActiveCampaign can be tough.

Sure, everyone’s been telling you the ActiveCampaign email marketing platform is fabulous and you should get it so you can grow your business with email marketing and automation.

But even the ActiveCampaign pricing page is confusing, with plan levels, contact limits, and a list of ActiveCampaign features as long as your arm.

And there’s a whole lot of stuff listed that you don’t exactly know what it is, or what it can do to help you run your business better.

ActiveCampaign is awesome, but we all start from zero and need to learn how to use it without getting overwhelmed. 

I’m Kay Peacey, an expert ActiveCampaign user and teacher.

And I started right where you are now, with a ton of questions about ActiveCampaign:

  • What is an ActiveCampaign list?
  • What are tags for in ActiveCampaign?
  • What are ActiveCampaign automations for?
  • How do I send an email with ActiveCampaign?

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Get to grips with ActiveCampaign – the easy way

The onboarding offered by ActiveCampaign themselves can be overwhelming too – it’s a steep learning curve, especially if you’ve never automated anything before. 

If you’ve already tried it and given up you are not alone! 

It took me a few tries, when I started using ActiveCampaign, to get what I needed to know from their onboarding and figure out what all the things are and what they’re for. 

Now I live and breathe ActiveCampaign and I can help you get started faster and stronger with ActiveCampaign marketing automation.

How to get started with ActiveCampaign

It’s actually really easy to learn ActiveCampaign when you are shown the right information exactly when you need it, in a way that makes sense to normal, non-geek business people.

I’m going to show you how to get started fast with ActiveCampaign in 10 easy steps.

Follow these steps to learn ActiveCampaign the easy way:

I recommend you follow these steps, in order, to learn the 10 main features of ActiveCampaign and how to use them. 

Don’t miss the video for each step, explaining what these things are and what they’re for.

Together, these tips will get you confident using ActiveCampaign, fast, and help you build powerful automated processes for your business.

Useful links to learn ActiveCampaign

What’s the best beginner course about how to use ActiveCampaign?

Where do I go for ActiveCampaign community help when I get stuck?

How can I get more help from expert ActiveCampaign teacher Kay Peacey?

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