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Gravity Forms recommendation - Slicker Tech Tools with Kay Peacey

by | Feb 13, 2020

Gravity Forms is brilliant for building great-looking forms that look and work exactly how you want them to.

I use Gravity Forms myself, and with many of my clients, to build forms that people want to fill out.

Make forms a positive experience for your site users, and they are far more likely to finish and submit.

Gravity Forms is the best plugin for small businesses to improve their form-completion rates.

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What does Gravity Forms do?

It’s a form builder WordPress plugin that you use to build forms to collect information from your site users and to send that information on to where you need to have it.

Why do small businesses use Gravity Forms?

Every small business needs to collect information on their website – contact form, enquiry form, newsletter signup, client onboarding, applications…

To get people to fill out forms, they need to have the right style, flow, content, functionality and usability.

Most form or opt-in modules that come built-in to page-builders, or embedded forms from a third-party tool, are not flexible enough, or pretty enough, or connected enough to other tools, to do what the form needs to do.

They are usually limited in where they will send the data, and in what they will do automatically when the form is submitted.

Gravity Forms gives fully customisable multi-page forms that look great, feel fluent and easy to fill out, send the data to where you need it, and has automated actions on submit, like instant confirmation message, notification and re-direct.

Is Gravity Forms worth the cost?

Yes! Say goodbye to broken, unclear forms with catch-all questions, awkward interfaces and unreliable data passing. Say hello to inviting, easy to use, reliable, intuitive forms that give instant gratification and reward your site users for their time.

Incomplete form submission is a big drop-off point for many businesses, leading to lost leads, lower revenue, and wasted time and money. Gravity Forms will easily earn its keep in the time it saves you, let alone the increase in submission of high-quality data.

The integrations are a highpoint for me. Conditional, customisable feeds to ActiveCampaign, MailerLite and many other email service providers, plus specialist integrations to industry-specific tools like LightBlue, and a zapier integration to catch anything not pre-built – it’s a great selection, and means you can send your data to more than one destination.

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