How To Cancel Your ActiveCampaign Academy Subscription

It's cool - no offence taken, and you're welcome back any time to take up the ActiveCampaign improvement mission again.

We've made it as easy as possible for everyone to manage their own subscription so that you stay in control.  Read on for the steps to cancel...

Step 1 - Let us know why

Drop us a line at to say why you're leaving us at this time.

This part is not required, of course, but it is enormously helpful to us for: 

  • knowing how we might make things even better in the future in the Academy
  • knowing you're just taking a pause on this while focussing on other things in your business
  • knowing you've moved away from ActiveCampaign to another platform, so we should wish you well and let you go with a friendly wave
  • not wondering whether you are being attacked by dragons and that's why you have to leave.

Step 2 - Log in to your account

Login to your account using your ActiveCampaign Academy member email and password.

Step 3 - View your subscription

Step 4 - Hit the Cancel Button

What happens next...

You (and your nominee if you have one) can continue to access all your ActiveCampaign Academy content and resources as usual, right up to the expiry date. Expiry date is effective from the date when your next subscription payment would have been made.

Just after the expiry date, we will remove access to the Academy content and resources for you (and your nominee if you have one).

You're welcome back any time, and all your course progress and community posts will be held in our system so that you can step back where you left off.

Thanks for cruising with us - we've loved having you along for the ride 🙂

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