How to send personal emails with ActiveCampaign

by | Sep 27, 2021 | ActiveCampaign Tutorials

When you want to send a totally personal email, you can do that with ActiveCampaign too – it’s not just for Automation and Campaign emails.

One-to-one personal email sending is including with all ActiveCampaign plans, and it’s perfect for connecting like humans, not robots – customers love a properly personal email.

In this blog, I’ll show you where and how to send personal emails using ActiveCampaign on any plan, including Lite.

There are hidden features you didn’t know existed – and I’ll give you some brilliant tips on when and how to make good use of them.

Sending individual emails helps you connect better, and more personally using ActiveCampaign. This is the personal and human, but still fast and efficient, middle ground of email sending.

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Follow these steps to send one-to-one emails with ActiveCampaign:

Watch Kay Peacey show the different ways to send personal emails with ActiveCampaign

Learn how to send a personal email with ActiveCampaign

  • Go look at a contact edit screen
  • Look at the bottom for the grey bar, and click Send an email
  • Now you can write and send a totally personal email from you to the contact. Who knew!
  • Type a % and you get a drop-down of all the contact fields to merge into the text.
  • Signature and sender address are pulled from your ActiveCampaign account settings

But I didn’t even know you could send a personal email in ActiveCampaign

I get it – and no one knows why the Send an Email feature is so well hidden – I was months into using ActiveCampaign before I accidentally found it!

Any email you send from here shows up on the ActiveCampaign Contact record, so this is a great way to have your team send those one to one emails without it being hidden away in the team inbox.

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Discover ActiveCampaign Saved Responses and how to use them

This is the most gold-dust personal email feature in ActiveCampaign, and it’s weird how well ActiveCampaign hides it.

Saved Responses are like canned emails, or templates, in a “here’s one I made earlier” style.

You can use custom field values in them, and they send like a personal email from you to a contact.

ActiveCampaign drops in your pre-prepared text, then you can edit any part to make it totally personal. Nifty!

How to create a Saved Response email in ActiveCampaign

To make a Saved Response, head to the settings cog in at the bottom of your left sidebar and look for Saved responses.

You can sort them into categories and everything!

How to send a Saved Response to a contact in ActiveCampaign

  • On the very bottom of the contact edit screen click Send an email
  • Click the little grey page icon that says Saved Responses on hover, and
  • Select the Saved Response you want to send
  • Edit as needed, then hit send.

Boom – one totally personal yet speedy and thoughtful email sent to that specific ActiveCampaign contact only.

You can also send Saved Responses from the ActiveCampaign app for mobile devices – look for it on contact records in the app for sending on the go at the beach or on the train.

I keep a saved response for user logins, links to stuff I mention a lot, calendar scheduling links, and other stuff people ask for all the time, and need to be sent on request.

It’s so fast to select the Saved Response, edit (use the speech to text feature on your phone for extra speed) and send…

It’s a speedy personal answer that your customers will love.

Win win win! Happy saved responding!

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Send personal ActiveCampaign emails right from your inbox

I bet you’d love to be able to send an ActiveCampaign email from the inbox where you deal with emails. Well hooray! You can!

Integration direct with your business email inbox is a little-known wonder of ActiveCampaign.

Discover the Chrome extension to send ActiveCampaign emails from your Gmail inbox

The Chrome ActiveCampaign extension brings ActiveCampaign contact info into your Gmail inbox in a browser sidebar. It’s a massive speed-boost for workflows.

Fields, tags, automations, deals, notes, contact activity…. all of it – yes – wow!

You can use ActiveCampaign Saved Responses from here too when you send or reply, even if that contact isn’t in ActiveCampaign – double wow, and a big time-saver for inbox handling.

I moved our Slick Business email service into G-Suite just for this feature. Boom.

Try the Outlook add-on for sending ActiveCampaign emails

There’s a very similar set of features in the ActiveCampaign add-in for Outlook users – go exploring and see what time-saving features you find to play with.

Kay Peacey – on a mission to help you find and use the very best bits of ActiveCampaign.

Spread the word!

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Get Kay’s expert tips for sending personal emails with ActiveCampaign

  1. Use Saved Responses as a starting point for consistency and time-saving on one-to-one emails 
  2. Edit to add something truly personal or of-the-moment so they know it’s not automated
  3. Include contact field values by entering % and select from the dropdown
  4. Sender email address is the email of the ActiveCampaign user 
  5. The signature is in the ActiveCampaign user’s account settings
  6. Categories of Saved Responses make it easy to find the one you need
  7. Create Saved Responses for personal emails you keep needing to type and send
  8. Check subject line before sending from Gmail or Outlook 
  9. Create Saved Responses carefully with clean text or the formatting will be wonky
  10. Do our Accelerated ActiveCampaign free training for a step by step walkthrough

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