How to send personal emails with ActiveCampaign

by | Sep 27, 2021 | ActiveCampaign Tutorials

ActiveCampaign emails are not all sent using the Automation or Campaign features. 

Individual, personal, one-to-one emails are available in ActiveCampaign, and they’re invaluable for relationship building, connection, and being humans, not robots.

In this blog, I’ll show you brilliant ActiveCampaign personal email tips, and features you didn’t even know existed, to send one-to-one email (and resend ActiveCampaign automation emails).

These individual email features will expand the way you use ActiveCampaign forever, and make you and your customers feel even better about the universe. This is the personal and human, yet fast and efficient, middle ground of email sending.

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Follow these steps to send personal one-to-one emails with ActiveCampaign:

Learn how to send personal emails with ActiveCampaign

  • Go look at a contact edit screen
  • Right at the bottom there’s an unobtrusive bar at the bottom with “Send an email”
  • Click it, and up pops a window where you can write and send a personal email from you (the ActiveCampaign user) to the contact. Who knew!
  • Type a % and you get a drop-down of all the contact fields to merge into the text. It pulls a signature from your ActiveCampaign account settings, and sends from the email you’re logged in with.

Why is this so well hidden? I guess they have a lot to fit in on the contact screen, but honestly, I was months into obsessively using ActiveCampaign before I accidentally found this feature. Make sure you find it if you haven’t already!

Discover ActiveCampaign Saved Responses and how to use them

This is the most gold-dust personal email feature in ActiveCampaign, and I’m forever stunned at how well ActiveCampaign hides it.

Saved Responses are like canned emails, or templates, in a sort of “here’s one I made earlier” style.

You can use custom field values in them, and they send like a personal email from you to a contact.

But each time you use one, ActiveCampaign drops in the pre-prepared text, and you can edit any part to make it totally personal. Nifty!

Saved responses are one of the key features I included in my totally free essential training for ActiveCampaign users. They’re a massive time-saver, and most users never find them without a friendly guide to show the way.

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How to create a Saved Response in ActiveCampaign:

To make a Saved Response, head to the Settings cog and look for Saved Responses. 

You can have as many as you like, and sort them into categories and everything!

Back in the contact edit screen, open up the “Send an email” pop-up window.

There’s a page icon there that says “Saved Responses” if you hover over it. 

Click, and voila, you get a list of your Saved Responses.

Pro Tip: You can even stack multiple saved responses up, but watch out for the subject lines!

Here’s the official ActiveCampaign help doc for Saved responses

Use the ActiveCampaign mobile app to send one to one emails to contacts

Yes, there’s an ActiveCampaign app. 

Well, two really (more if you count the Forms app, but that’s for another time). There’s one for Android, and one for IoS, and they’re different in exact features, and also get updates fairly often.

Install app > log in

Boom, your ActiveCampaign world is with you when you’re at the beach or on the train.

Search for contact > email icon > Saved Response

This is how to deal with those pesky “I’ve lost my email” messages that come in at odd times and really benefit from a speedy fix.

I keep a Saved Response for user logins, links to stuff I mention a lot, calendar book-appointment links, and other stuff people ask for all the time, and need to be sent on request.

Drop in the response, edit fast (I even use the speech to text feature on my phone for this) and send, for a speedy personal answer that your customer will love.

Win win!

The apps get updated and improved fairly frequently so keep an eye out for new features, and go exploring. Here’s the ActiveCampaign help doc for the mobile apps.

Install and use the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension with gmail

This is a little-known wonder of the ActiveCampaign universe.

The Chrome ActiveCampaign extension brings your contact info right into your browser AND your gmail inbox.

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely worth a look and for many users it’s a massive speed boost in workflows.

Here’s what the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension has to do with personal 1-to-1 emails:

Get ready ActiveCampaign with G-Suite users – this one’s for you, and it’s an absolute game-changer!

The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension pulls a sidebar for your Gmail inbox into the browser, with the full ActiveCampaign record of the selected email contact.

Fields, tags, automations, deals, notes, activity…all of it. 

AND you can use those wonderful Saved Responses from here too when you send (or reply) to any email, even if that contact isn’t in ActiveCampaign!

This is a massive time-saver for getting quick answers out to emails, and it means you can add a CC or BCC email address too – a much-wanted feature that’s otherwise not accessible when using ActiveCampaign.

I actually moved my business emails to G-Suite just so I could use ActiveCampaign with Gmail browser. I’d hate to live without it now.

The ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension does other super-useful stuff too, so go exploring. I’m on a mission to help more people find it, and use it to get stuff done faster and better with ActiveCampaign. Spread the word!

Pro Tip: The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension is sometimes a glitchy beast – if it misbehaves, turn it off and on again, and that fixes it.

Here’s the ActiveCampaign help doc on the Chrome Extension

And Outlook users are finally coming in from the cold with a new at the time I’m writing this add-on for Outlook. It has similar features, so go explore what it can so for you on using Outlook with ActiveCampaign. Here’s the ActiveCampaign help doc for the Outlook Addon

Get Kay’s expert tips for sending 1 to 1 emails with ActiveCampaign

  1. Think of a saved response as a starting point to work from, with the common parts of the text. Great for consistency of messaging with growing teams, or to save your tired busy fingers.
  2. Add something super-specific or a reference to the weather, so they know it’s a one-off email just for them.
  3. Use personalisation with field values by entering % and select from the dropdown.
  4. Then send using the email of the account you’re logged in to ActiveCampaign with.
  5. Signature is set per ActiveCampaign user in Settings > Account.
  6. Have a category of saved responses for each customer-facing ActiveCampaign user in your account, and show them how to use them.
  7. Create a saved response when you find yourself writing much the same email to a contact for, say, the third time.
  8. If using ActiveCampaign with the gmail browser, check the subject line before sending – they get messy easily.
  9. Avoid copy and pasting formatted text to create ActiveCampaign Saved Responses – they go all wonky.

For a full step-by-step walkthrough, see Accelerated ActiveCampaign, my free ActiveCampaign training.

Blend personal emails with automation to build connection and drive sales

Now that you know how to send individual one-to-one emails and re-send ActiveCampaign emails without having to start from scratch every time, you can connect personally with your contact much faster and more often.

This is where ActiveCampaign truly excels – the balance between automating repetitive whilst keeping the human touch.

We don’t want to buy from robots – we love to buy from people, especially people we feel connected with, and who make us feel noticed.

Smart use of Saved Responses is a major win for finding the sweet spot in the balance between automation and humanity in your business.

Drop by the free Facebook group and tell me how you’re going to be using Saved Responses in your business, now that I’ve helped you find them. I’d love to know!

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