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by | Jan 24, 2022 | ActiveCampaign Basics

Contacts are the pawns of the ActiveCampaign chess-board. 

An ActiveCampaign contact is a single unit that travels around your ActiveCampaign world, doing things, and interacting with other things (like automations or tags).

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What is an ActiveCampaign Contact?

An ActiveCampaign contact nearly always has a name, and an email address. 

Each contact must have at least one of these:

  • first name 
  • last name
  • email address

In an ideal world, each Contact has first and last name, and email address, but it’s OK if they’re not all there.

Each contact is usually one real person connected with your business.

ActiveCampaign Contact Activity

You can see everything to do with a contact on the contact edit screen in ActiveCampaign – this is a sort of benign spy-cam with a full history of almost everything the contact has done, that ActiveCampaign can see and keep track of.

ActiveCampaign works hard for you here, and automatically keeps track of lots of stuff that contacts do, all the time – for example, if the contact opens an email, fills out a form, enters an automation, or unsubscribes from a list

ActiveCampaign Contact Activity is a rich record of pretty much everything that happens.

Contact Activity is tracked by ActiveCampaign without us having to do anything at all.

Contact Activity is held as long as the contact is in ActiveCampaign, so it’s always there to look at, or search through, or use to sort out your contacts by what they did.

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Use Tags and Fields for Contact details

Other information you want to keep a record of can be added to the contact – things your business needs to know about.  

You can record any kind of information:

  • their favourite flavour of crisps, 
  • the date when they last booked an appointment, 
  • which genre of music they’re into 
  • how much money they’ve spent with you in total.

This information can be added to contacts in different ways, like using tags or custom fields.  ActiveCampaign keeps it super-flexible, so you can choose what suits you and your business best.

If you’re migrating to ActiveCampaign you even bring that information over, as tags or custom fields, when you import contacts to ActiveCampaign.

Top tips for ActiveCampaign Contacts

Usually one contact = one real person. 

But in the real world people are not straightforward (in data terms, of course!).

Some people have more than one email address, forget which one they used, then sign up all over again, so they end up with more than one ActiveCampaign Contact.

Businesses and families often use the same email address for several different people, so sometimes a single Contact actually belongs to many people.

Plus all sorts of other complicated human stuff. Don’t get too bogged down with this – it’s just people being people.  

The contact record is your all-seeing eye on each contact and their experience of you and your business. Learn to “read” the contact record and you will understand your people and customers (and your business) better.

Get help with how to use ActiveCampaign Contacts

Contacts are the underpinning of everything else in ActiveCampaign – without them there isn’t anyone to add Tags to, subscribe to Lists, send emails to, or do cool automated things with.

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