How to use Link-Click Actions in ActiveCampaign emails

Link-click actions are an awesome feature inside ActiveCampaign emails, hiding away in the url settings when you add a link in an email. 

I’m going to show you exactly how to automate actions from link clicks in ActiveCampaign emails, to make automagical email things happen for your business. 

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Follow these steps to automate actions from link clicks in ActiveCampaign emails:

Discover link actions and how to use them in ActiveCampaign emails

This one really does what it says on the tin. It’s an action that happens when a contact clicks a link in an email.

You will need: 

  • An email in ActiveCampaign
  • A url link in the email leading to a website url
  • An action you want to happen when the link is clicked

The link can be in the text, on a button, behind an image – anywhere you can get a link in an ActiveCampaign email.

Wherever you can add a link, you see these wonderful words: 

“When a contact clicks this link”

And an option to “Add an Action”

Why thank-you ActiveCampaign, I’ll how wonderful it is to be able to have those link-clicks do something even more useful than just getting the contact to a url of my choosing!

Adding or removing tags, and starting or ending automations are some of the crafty things we can get done with link actions in ActiveCampaign.

Learn how to add a tag or start an automation when a link is clicked

In text blocks, the link-click action settings show up whenever you go to add or edit a link (it’s the chain icon in the text block settings bar). 

For a link on a button or image block, look in the sidebar on the right for the Link setting – there’s a cog icon there next to where you enter the link. Click the cog, and the action settings come out of hiding.

Your options are:

  • Add or remove tags
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe from lists
  • Add to or end automations

The tag and automation ones are super-useful.

Start typing the name of your tag or automation and it should appear, as if by magic, in the dropdown. And you can mix and match – I’ve never hit a limit on how many we’re allowed to use!

Sometimes the actions don’t save properly, so do check them.

If the same link is used in more than one place in your email, the link action will be applied to it for all those places.

Note – it’s just this one email, not all emails in your account, that contain that link. If you want the actions in another email, go set up your ActiveCampaign tags (or subscription/automation settings) in that email too.

Here’s the ActiveCampaign help document on setting up a link action.

Try three easy ways to use link actions in your ActiveCampaign emails

The Click-Monitor Tag Add

Question: Is there a way to get a tag onto contacts when they click this link in any of a selection of ActiveCampaign emails?

Answer: Yes, you can do that using a link action

  1. Create a tag CLICKED: this-link
  2. Set the action in each email where the link appears
  3. Link-Click Action = Add Tags > the tag

The Go Button

Question: Can I set an automation to run when someone clicks on a button in my ActiveCampaign emails?

Answer: Yes, you can do that using a link action

  1. Create your automation and make sure it’s active
  2. Create a page you can link to with words like “Cool, we’ll make that happen for you now”
  3. In the email, make your button with words like “start your week of daily tips emails now”
  4. In the settings for the button, click the cog beside the link
  5. Link-Click Action = Add to Automation > the automation you want to start

The Stop Button 

Question: How can I give contacts a way to stop just this one set of emails without unsubscribing?

Answer: Yes, you can do that using a link action

  1. Make a page on your site (I use /stop) with generic “I’ve put a stop on that for you” words
  2. Use the link in emails that are part of a long-ish automation, with words like “Want to stop this topic? Click here to bale out on this one but stay subscribed”
  3. Link-Click Action = End Automation > the automation they’re in

Segment your ActiveCampaign contacts using their email link clicks

Question: I want to know their job role by asking them to click something in an email – is this possible with ActiveCampaign segmentation?

Answer: Yes, tagging contacts based on what they are clicking in your ActiveCampaign emails is a huge win for segmenting your contacts (aka knowing stuff about them) and you can do it using a link action.

Ask them straight up, and give them a reason to let you know this about them, e.g. I’d love to know if you’re a whatever. Click here to tell me if you are, and I’ll show / send you something relevant to that.

Add the tag using the ActiveCampaign email link action.

Stealth Segmentation

Question: Can I secretly stalk my contacts and figure out what they’re into, so I can send them better emails? 

Answer: Also yes, using a link action. Stealthy segmentation is basically waving a juicy link under their noses, that will only appeal to them if they’re a fit.

The trick here is to make the words you use, and hence the link-click, actively unappealing to the ones you don’t want to catch.

Add a tag using the link-click action, or add them to an automation that populates a custom field.

Email Polls

Qusetion: How do I run a poll from an email without having to buy a polling service?

Answer: Use the link action feature in ActiveCampaign emails

  1. Create a page on your site, or a page per answer. If it’s a single page for all answers make the text work for any answer, or use #anchors – sometime known as scrolling links.
  2. Each poll option needs a different link. This is easier if you create a separate page per answer. But you can also do it by using #thisanswer #thatanswer on the end of the same url, because ActiveCampaign treats those as separate links.
  3. Add a suitable tag to each answer/link combi using the link-click action.

Read Kay’s expert tips for best use of links in ActiveCampaign emails

  1. Create any tags first, and set any automations to active. This makes sure they appear on the dropdown selector and you are less likely to have a typo-tastrophe.
  2. Keep a record of link actions used in your emails. Be scrupulous on this.
  3. It doesn’t really matter what the link url is – ActiveCampaign doesn’t care much about that part. But it helps you not look silly if the url is a good fit with the link-click action, and with the words you’ve used in the email.
  4. Test test test – always test all the things – and if you’re testing use an incognito window or different device so that the cookies and trackers don’t get in a muddle.
  5. You need link tracking toggled on in the settings of the email for any of this to work.

Use email link clicks to connect better and grow your business

Now you know these link-click actions are there, go and play with the myriad possibilities. They’re a great way to get stuff done fast and easily, for you and for your contacts.

One caveat: Sometimes you don’t need a link click action – if all you need to know is, was this link clicked in this email, ActiveCampaign already tracks and keeps that link click activity for you. If you get carried away, you wind up with a lot of tags for this, that, and the other link click, that you really don’t need.

Drop by my awesome free Facebook group for ActiveCampaign users and tell me your creative, sneaky, fun use of link-click actions in ActiveCampaign campaigns – we’re all ears!

Watch the video below for my full expert walk-through of how to use link-click actions in ActiveCampaign emails.

Watch the link actions video with ActiveCampaign expert Kay Peacey

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