Immediate and immense pain relief for ActiveCampaign users

Janine Coombes - real business human

Janine joined the ActiveCampaign Academy mid-day on a Friday.

On Monday morning, she recorded this video ⬇️ to mark the moment she knew for sure it was the Best Move Ever for getting more juice out of ActiveCampaign without crying, swearing or giving up...

Cheers Janine - you rock!

(You can check out Janine Coombes here for business growth with minimum effort - she's really darned good at what she does!)

We're here for you when you're ready to be more Janine about ActiveCampaign...


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ActiveCampaign Academy

Time-saving - money-making - stress-reducing help for ActiveCampaign users is what we do.

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The ActiveCampaign Academy gives you the exact steps to ace your emails and automation and drive more revenue with ActiveCampaign.

Expert strategic and technical advice from Kay Peacey whenever you need it.

  • Courses to binge-watch
  • Resources and templates to swipe
  • Calls to consult with Kay on anything you need
  • Community to privately geek out freak out and learn together

Two levels to suit where you’re at with ActiveCampaign and flexible subscriptions so you're in total control of the budget

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