Better Engagement and Deliverability with ActiveCampaign


Quickly implement and apply Kay Peacey’s complete engagement monitoring and email health-check system, so that you can nurture & protect your deliverability, and have confidence in reaching the inbox reliably from ActiveCampaign.

Build and send emails that reliably reach the inbox and get seen
Automatically monitor your email list so it’s clean, lean and effective
Keep it that way, so you can use email marketing to grow your business

Course includes:

  • essential setup, including the critical techy (but easy-once-you-know-how) bits
  • the fully automated, advanced engagement monitoring system I build for my clients
  • best practice to build and send emails that get to the inbox reliably
  • structured advice for using engagement data to segment your sending and clean your list
  • an easy routine of regular checks to identify and resolve deliverability problems early


Course features:

  • fully captioned, bitesize, step-by-step videos
  • theory and practical – the why as well as the how
  • complete and detailed guidance
  • interactive checklists
  • downloadable pdf resources
  • a growing base of searchable FAQs
  • resource links for further learning and going deeper


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