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ActiveCampaign for Small Business >

Consultancy, development and coaching for you and your team to automate and integrate with ActiveCampaign

The Slicker ActiveCampaign Course >

Learn how to use ActiveCampaign faster and better, with expert guidance and support from course tutor, Kay Peacey

Funnels for Course Providers & Membership Sites >

Full digital marketing funnels for your course or membership, planned & built to run hands-off and drive sales

“It’s all about joining the dots. Tech things working together in a happy hands-off feedback loop.”

kay peacey

You’ve got your beautiful website, your active social media, and maybe a mailing list too, but are they working together as a dream team, or doing their own thing in lonely isolation?

They all have a part to play, but they are far stronger when they play together nicely passing information to and fro, especially when they can do that without needing your guiding hand to keep them moving.

Integrate your digital assets and bolt on the tech tools you need to run things smoothly, and you can have a marketing machine that works for you day and night to find and grow new leads into paying customers.

I work with you to maximise the value the gold-dust data and assets you already have, explore your tech options, build a strategy and implement the right tools to support you and your business to thrive and grow.

personalised email automation

send better emails, faster

If you don’t have automated email on your team then you’re spending time typing the same things, over and over and over, that would be better used elsewhere.

And you miss the odd email, mistype stuff, hit send before you meant to, and all the other perils of getting emails done when there isn’t enough time.

You don’t want to be the one keeping your potential customer waiting on a reply while your competitors are hitting their inbox within 5 minutes with the right beautifully designed message at the right time, so it’s time to step up.

I am an ActiveCampaign partner and a tiny bit evangelical about it’s awesomeness for marketing automation, but there are lots of options and I’ll help you choose well and move in wisely.

your website marketing machine

work your website harder and smarter

Your website likely cost you a lot in time and money. When did you last give it some real love? And please can it come out to play with all the other new toys now?

Using your website to build relationships doesn’t happen by accident, but a lot of clever things that used to be really hard to do and involve coding (argh! coding!) are now ridiculously do-able once you are pointed in the right direction. 

Lay out a trail of breadcrumbs to shows your visitors exactly the things they are ready to see, snag their email address, show them a video, and nudge them along with a social media ad just after they visited (yes, you can do that!)

Turning people who swing by to take a look into people who buy takes more than just a website that is findable and loads ok. It’s time for you to make it a sticky site that works with your other tech to keep visitors interested all the way to the checkout page.

smart business tech tools

stop doing routine tasks the slow way

Running any business well means doing the same tasks reliably, accurately and at the right moment. Over and over and over again. These are your core processes, and they eat up a lot of time.

Wouldn’t you like to get them done without you having to actually, you know, do them? 

Smart business tech is here, and it’s now affordable for small businesses. Whoop whoop!

Productivity essentials to take the numbing time-sinks out of it and make sure the stuff gets done. There are schedulers so you never have to play phone tag to make an appointment, data-handling apps that also work on your phone or tablet so you don’t ever have to see that lumbering ancient spreadsheet again, integrated tech that talks to other tech so you won’t need to type out that same address info three times without making a mistake.

I could go on, but I’d rather talk to you about what your business needs, and find you the right tools to take the pain away.

fewer. routine. chores

more of what you love

what my clients say

Before I found Kay, I was floundering around trying to figure it all out on my own. I realised I was never going to get on top of all the marketing tech and skills that I needed.

Kay connected the tech dots, and patiently educated me to maintain the systems and build my own. ActiveCampaign seemed utterly overwhelming, but she figured out my individual needs and exactly how to meet them. 

My customers now have a better experience, and I have more time, less stress and a scalable business.

I still refer back to the training videos that she made for me and her ongoing support and insight is incredibly valuable as my company keeps growing.

Lisa Devlin

Owner, Photography Farm

Last year I was drowning in data. Key information was lost or deleted, and staff costs soared. Mistakes kept happening and our professionalism was compromised.

Finding Kay felt like such a relief! She has recommended and implemented affordable tech that has automated all of our systems, and trained us along the way.

A new systematic approach was there from the very beginning, and we now have a fantastic, time-saving set-up. It has even greater impact because it all works together.

I’m in a position now where the day-to-day business is running so smoothly that I can focus my energies on new business. We are growing at a cracking pace – which was simply impossible before.

I absolutely love working with Kay and I am hugely proud of the systems she has built for us.

I've never been this excited about the future of my business!

Hayley Hobbs

Owner, Griffin Teaching

Kay has transformed the way we market our business and has become an indispensable member of the team.

She has implemented effective marketing funnels and helped us develop a solid Facebook ads strategy leveraging data we didn’t even know we had.

Perhaps even more importantly, she has helped us put systems in place that help us communicate effectively as a team, as well as streamlining our workflow and eliminating the repetitive.

Thanks to Kay, we’ve been able to accelerate our growth much more quickly than we thought possible. Her continuing support is now crucial to our ongoing success.

Melissa Love

Owner, The Design Space

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