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Business growth membership with terrific community - perfect for small teams - with Andrew Pickering and Pete Gartland - Kay is a member

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Build a slick quiz for lead gen list building and segmentation - excellent integration with ActiveCampaign - used by Slick Business on our main sales page

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Tech Tool

Text Expander

Get your words out faster with this text expansion tool - used for urls and email addresses alone it can save you an hour a month of typing time

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Tech Tool

Klean 13

Clean up your list of contacts quickly - identifies bots spam-traps bounced addresses and other bad contacts so you can remove them from ActiveCampaign

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Tech Tool


Collect and display testimonials and social proof quickly and easily - affordable newish alternative to Testimonials and VideoAsk

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Tech Tool

Social PRF

Improve your content marketing with this social media training - self-study course to elevate your strategy and implementation - with The Two Lauras

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Schedule your social media posts - not the slickest social media scheduler but gets the job done without wild costs - used by Slick Business

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Tech Tool


Annual business growth conference in the UK - perfect for small teams of ambitious people - Kay attends in person

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Fluent Forms

Create lovely looking forms on your WordPress website - alternative to Gravity Forms - highly rated integration with ActiveCampaign

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Tech Tool


Create a quick easy affiliate prgramme for your WordPress website with this plugin - we use it to register and track ActiveCampaign Academy affiliate commissions

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Tech Tool

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  • Kay Peacey has personally used these and found them to valuable & worth the cost
  • Many of these are affiliate links - no extra cost to buy - Slick Business is sent a commission
  • We cannot and do not guarantee the quality of value or any recommended item
  • We can tell you we liked the people and the product at the time we used it
  • Tech will usually integrate smoothly with ActiveCampaign but we can't guarantee that

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ActiveCampaign Academy

Time-saving - money-making - stress-reducing help for ActiveCampaign users is what we do.

Learn more about The ActiveCampaign Academy here

The ActiveCampaign Academy gives you the exact steps to ace your emails and automation and drive more revenue with ActiveCampaign.

Expert strategic and technical advice from Kay Peacey whenever you need it.

  • Courses to binge-watch
  • Resources and templates to swipe
  • Calls to consult with Kay on anything you need
  • Community to privately geek out freak out and learn together

Two levels to suit where you’re at with ActiveCampaign and flexible subscriptions so you're in total control of the budget

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