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As a Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant I spend every working hour helping small businesses make the most out of their ActiveCampaign account, with trainings, templates, integrations and automation.

Before I lay out my smorgasbord of options for ActiveCampaign help, let’s start with why you might be here, based on the most common reasons business owners get in touch with me. Choose an option below.

Dear Aunty Kay

1. I want to do better with ActiveCampaign

“I’ve seen Facebook posts from other businesses doing clever whizz-bang-magical things with ActiveCampaign and I want to be able to do the same. Do I need to upgrade to unlock new features so I can do these things too?”
I have good news for you! I have helped 1000s of businesses with their ActiveCampaign accounts and so far I have NEVER found someone who is already getting maximum benefit from the tools and features they have available to them. Never. And that’s not just people on the Pro and Enterprise plans. That goes for businesses on the Lite and Plus plans too.

Start with my 100% FREE Accelerated ActiveCampaign training

This will help you identify opportunities for quick wins, get into best practices, and discover easy-to-use killer features that most users completely miss finding in the overwhelm.

And it will get you ready to take the profit-boosting…
Better Engagement And Deliverability training for ActiveCampaign

(But start with the free one). Yes, I really am encouraging you to go for the free thing first, instead of trying to sell you something, or pitch myself for hire. Because there’s an excellent chance the free Accelerated ActiveCampaign training will help you.

2. I have ActiveCampaign deliverability issues

“Help! My open rate is plummeting. A subscriber said my email ended up in their Spam folder. I think I’ve been blacklisted. Is it just me, or are there problems across AC accounts?”

Again, it’s good news. You have a huge amount of control over your open rates and email deliverability. And the BEST thing you can do to fix any problems you are having right now and prevent future issues, is to take my action-focused course that you can work through in just one day.

Start with my Better Engagement & Deliverability ActiveCampaign training

My Better Engagement and Deliverability ActiveCampaign training will help you squeeze the maximum benefit out of your existing and future subscribers by making sure your emails have the best possible chance of getting delivered and seen in the inbox. It might even save you money on account fees by reducing the number of inactive contacts you are paying for.

Find out what the course includes, and how it can help you make more sales from your subscribers.

3. I want A Power Hour

“Can I hire you for a one-off session so you can help me with this ActiveCampaign problem/show me how to do this thing/check I’ve set everything up correctly?”

No, sorry about that. 

Want a longer, more considered answer than that?

Your time and money would be much better invested learning first how to better manage your ActiveCampaign account (or upskilling one of your team).

I understand that to grow, business owners have to outsource, but not when it comes to ActiveCampaign. There is a huge skills shortage in this area – there simply aren’t enough Certified Consultants to go round. And because we’re in demand, we tend to focus our efforts on consistent retainer clients rather than one-off consults.

And, you can definitely do this yourself, for free, just by starting with my Accelerated ActiveCampaign course. That’s why I lovingly created it, and now (crazily) give it away for free – because I don’t want you to waste your time and money searching for an expert to save you, when I know that with the right guidance you can be your own automation hero.

4. I want to work with you

“Kay, can you set it up and run it for me?”


I have limited availability for ActiveCampaign consulting for clients in the courses and memberships industry.

I only do consultancy if the business team is ready and able to go deep, and commit to a journey with me to transform the way they work with ActiveCampaign.

All of my clients go through the material from my training courses, so that they can maintain and work with the system I build for them. Because any business that runs ActiveCampaign long-term will get the best results by understanding the set-up and learning how to work with the platform confidently themselves.

So even if you’re really quite sure you want to work one-to-one with me, the best place to get started is still my free Accelerated ActiveCampaign course.

My consulting rates are currently £250 per hour, with a minimum commitment of 10 hours per month for a minimum of three months.

At the time of writing this, I’m fully booked, but if you would like to get in touch about working together, and be the first to know when (or if) a space becomes available, please apply here.

Keen to dive in?


Everything you need to get your relationship with ActiveCampaign off to the best possible start (or recover it if your love is already on the rocks).

You’ll learn to do basic but brilliant things with campaigns, integrations and automation, AND how to avoid the most common crisis-causing mistakes.

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