ActiveCampaign consultancy

 course and membership funnels

this is me

I take very special care of my consultancy clients, getting to know their business and individual needs, and figuring out how to best meet them.

In the process, I find all sorts of ways to help each business run more smoothly to save them time and money in unexpected ways, and give their customers the best experience possible every single time.

If you’ve got an awkward use case or problem, I’ll be turning it over, asking around, and searching for a solution until it’s solved.

I’ve got your back all the way, and that’s why my clients value me so highly.

is this you?


You use ActiveCampaign already, or you’re ready to start using it very soon

because ActiveCampaign is the hub of all the automation and integration I can do for you


Questions, Questions!

You’re willing to answer a lot of questions and guide me as I dig around

because I need to understand what you do in your business and how you do it

Process Details

You’re able to define and describe your processes in detail

because we can’t automate anything unless we know exactly what needs to happen



You’re willing to set aside time and make yourself available to work with me

because only you know your business inside out and can make the necessary decisions


You have a budget available for either monthly ongoing or a set project cap

because we need to prioritise and plan our time and any additional software costs

Video Calls

You’re comfortable with remote collaborative working and have great broadband

because we’ll be screen-sharing a lot during regular video calls

yes . to . everything

hooray – we’re a match!

so let’s connect and talk

Please be aware, I’m very busy right now meeting increased need from my established consultancy clients, so there may be a longer than usual wait for reponse to your enquiry, and for project start date should we decide to work together.

I’d love to be able to help everyone but there is only one of me.

If you’re looking to extend your ActiveCampaign skills, please do join my free mini-course Accelerated ActiveCampaign.

If your need is urgent please look elsewhere as I will not be able to help you on a short timescale.

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