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WP Fusion recommendation - Slicker Tech Tools with Kay Peacey

by | Mar 2, 2020

WP Fusion joins the dots between your site users and your contacts, in a clear, editable and comprehensible way, without needing a developer.

In my professional services as a certified ActiveCampaign consultant, I use WP Fusion daily with clients to unlock potential for seamlessly leveraging website activity alongside email-address contact activity.

It’s a WordPress plugin, easy to install and use and very intuitive. It syncs information between your CRM contacts and your WordPress users seamlessly and reliably.

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What does WP Fusion do?

WP Fusion connects WP users to contacts in your CRM (ActiveCampaign for example), sending information in both directions. You are totally in control of what is being sent and received.

This means that things that a user does on your website can make changes to the matching contact in your CRM, and changes you make to contacts in your CRM can affect what the matching WordPress user can see or do.

It unleashes automation super-powers, where your WordPress website and your CRM work as an integrated team.

Why do small business use WP Fusion?

It unleashes automation super-powers, where your WordPress website and your CRM work as an integrated team.

With WP Fusion, the user and contact are immediately connected, giving you a much fuller picture of what your leads and customers are doing. Without this tool to join the dots, your WordPress users and CRM contacts stay un-connected and un-relatable.

By joining forces between WordPress and CRM, you massively enlarge the possibilities for automated processes that are personalised for every single lead or customer.

For a long time, this sophisticated two-way sync between WordPress and your CRM would have needed a developer to set up and maintain. WP Fusion is a tool that most small business teams are comfortable and confident in using for themselves, so no more developer costs, and no more dependency on dev availability.

What does WP Fusion Pro do that WP Fusion Lite doesn’t?

The WP Fusion Lite plugin is a totally free version that provides the user/contact sync and limited tag-based access controls to pages and posts. It’s a great way to get a feel for what WPF is all about, and may be enough for your business if you’re just getting started.

The true awesomeness of WP Fusion requires the pro version, and since there’s a 30 day no quibble refund, my advice is if in doubt, go for pro and put it through its paces.

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The Pro plugin provides nuanced and super-detailed control over exactly how when and where user/contact synchronisation takes place, and unlocks features to user WP Fusion tag controls on pretty much any aspect of any plugin you may have on your site.

I won’t try to list them all, but you’ll find an up to date list on the WP Fusion website. My current favourites are WooCommerce Subscriptions, Lifter LMS, Gravity Forms and GamiPress.

And better even than that, if you find something WP Fusion doesn’t connect with yet, you can request new features. Jack Arturo, the dev at the helm of WP Fusion, is hands down without a doubt the most responsive and helpful plugin developer I have ever worked with.

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